Touched by Phaya

Great streetwear, great colours, great style and very wearable from Phaya. See more of them on Touched by Phaya.


 So what is Touched By Phaya all about?

Touched by Phaya can mean different things to different people. To some it may be the very literal idea of wearing something created by Phaya, and thus being touched. To others it may be the concept of passion, expression, freedom. We want you to feel comfortable, confident and strong. We want you to express yourself and not be afraid of showing your true colours. We want you to be you and feel passionate about maintaining that. If you are passionate about your music, or your art, or you business, whatever it may be – we want you to feel like You’ve Been Touched By Phaya.

Phaya2 (goto our main site)
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Design by DAVIDA

Some very cool bags by Davida. We love this companies ethical policy, a pleasantly welcome set of principles yet still managing to produce very beautiful products.


Quote from the company:

“Created in 2006 Design by Davida is a new accessories company producing beautiful and stylish handmade leather bags and sheepskin slippers.

The leather we source is from small companies that have received certificates of commendation for their successful efforts of removing harmful chemicals from their process of producing leather, and they contain no dyes. All our leather and fur-on-hide is taken from animals bred for consumption and we only use cow-hide and sheep-skin.

Our eco-chic range, created in response to the rising awareness of the environment by fashion conscious people, provides a stylish range of both classic and contemporary accessories made in cork.

Everyone knows how important their bag is, and that is something we at Design by Davida understand perfectly. Our range of stylish, eco-chic bags will help you to survive another hectic day of work or play.”

Check out the website for more:
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Graffiti Pink


Graffiti Pink was born in West Hollywood with influences from around the world. Graffiti Pink is a online speciality boutique that caters to those who love the simplicity of online shopping. 

They carry “the must haves” and “the never seen before” of intimate apparel. They love to keep it “funky and chic.” Check out the website for more very intimate garments
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Etchi Art

Well what can we say about Etchi, except for great Art and on tshirts too. What is Etchi about? He says it best himself in a snapshot below.

Girls, Art about girls, Japanese art and culture, Animation, Design, FRUiTs fashion, Cartoons, skateboarding, Chinese boxing, Computer games, Bikes, Cars, a good conspiracy, Having fun in life, Freedom to create, Pirates (arrrr), Teddy Bears, Toys, Tall ships, Robots, machines, Kimono, Peace pipes, staying out all night dancing, cosplay, comedy, fluffy animals

Check out his website for more illustrations.  Goto

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Hou Bou is a small clothing brand from Exeter, England whose approach is simple – quality designs on quality apparel. No fancy gimmicks, no ground breaking promises, just an old fashioned ethic at the core – quality.  Visit: to see more designs.

HouBou Houbou2HouBou1

Monty Panesar

Monty Panesar 

October have designed a range of T-shirts for our national cricketing hero Monty Panesar. Shortly to be featured on the official website at we hope they capture the spirit and inspiration Monty has brought to English cricket – best of luck to him and the rest of the lads this summer!
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Congratulations to BGDF (British Garment Decorators Federation) for launching their forum. The garment decorating sectors have long since awaited a voice at the grass root level in order to bring the various sectors together and provide them with a tool to aid them communicate, learn and share knowledge in an open manner. Well done guys, hope it takes off.
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