Showcase your design

No, you are not mistaken, we mean it. We have started a graphic banner exhibition at the top of the homepage. This offer is to any garment/fashion designer or graphic artist who wish to showcase their design.

If you are interested then submit just one design image to and we will select one every month and showcase it with your web address. There is no complex application process, no special rules no cost. Just type “ Graphic banner ad submission” in the subject of your email and attach your JPEG. That is it.

We cannot promise we will reply but keep checking the site to see if your image is selected. If your image is not selected for the following months exhibit it does not mean it won’t be in subsequent months. It all depends on the how much good stuff we get.

The first one we are showcasing to get the show on the road is from very nice stuff guys and love the rest of the designs. Check em out.

About Axon,

“Axon is a small, privately owned company dedicated to providing clothing to those who enjoy action sports. The goal of Axon is to create unique apparel that is unseen in other clothing brands. Most sports clothing companies are overwhelmingly geared toward a specific sport. The problem, however, is that very few athletes limit themselves to a single sport. Axon clothing is created for (and by) people who enjoy multiple action sports. If you enjoy moto, surf, skate, BMX, snow, or wake; Axon is your brand”.

t shirt printing, screen printing, embroidery


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