Stéphane Tartelin

 Stéphane Tartelin

Who is he? – Well he was born in France in 1976 and living in Paris, Stephane Tartelin start mixing traditionnal drawings with computer graphics at 15 years old. After 5 years of professional visual communication school, he fulfill childhood dream and start working for different video games development studio in Paris.
In January 2000 he starts working as a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and motion designer. He now works for various range of international advertising, broadcast and publishing clients and still explore all facets of graphic design, animation, 3D, photography and of course illustration that remains his favourite playground.

We love his style and recommend a visit to his site to see more of his graphic. They have even reached some very cool tshirts.
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Grafiteiros De Paris

We all need inspiration from time to time. We maybe producing a tshirt design, a magazine, a peace of fabric, interior of a car or even the inside of our on homes but to create the type of artwork as displayed by the artists illustated in the slideshow below is a thing of beauty. The scale, the detail, the uncompromising attention to perspective and colours. Flick through the slideshow yourself by using the arrow on the panel. Enjoy.
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Varoom – the journal of illustration and made images is a magazine devoted to exploring the world of illustration and image-making. It looks at practitioners from around the world who are making significant contributions to the ancient art of illustration, and provides writers, commentators and illustrators with a platform from which to take a critical look at trends and developments in the illustrated image. 

In each issue, writers from around the globe discuss contemporary illustration in its wider context and examine it from different, even contentious, perspectives. In addition, noted illustrators are invited to contribute a visual assay on any subject they choose.

Varoom features interviews with leading illustrators and image-makers, and plots new developments as well as looking back at schools and figures from the past.  The magazine is published three times a year. Varoom is edited by art director, writer and design consultant Adrian Shaughnessy. It is designed by highly-regarded design duo Non-Format, until recently designers of The Wire magazine. To view and subscribe visit the website:

Freespirit Clothing Company

Martin Luther King 

Freespirit Clothing Company launched in December ’06 is a budding small business that is based in UK. There designs range from Funny to political. The target markets are urban wear lovers Hip Hop, Skaters, Breakers, DJ’s etc. As its still the early stages of the business there has not been much publicity from me I have though a hip hop band called “Strange Fruit Project” and Pro Freestyle Roller Blader “Chaz Sands” wearing them, which will aid my cause, I will have the website up and running by the middle of July.

For more designs contact:
Jerome Williamson Jr. – e.
t. 01475 794105 – m. 07931599391
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Concrete Jungle Clothing

Concrete Jungle Clothing

Concrete Jungle Clothing is a clothing company based in the UK. They import clothing created by some of the most exciting young designers in Japanese and Asian street fashion.

If you’re looking for an inspired, unique look with an Asian twist, check out the eBay store for more examples:
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Me & You 1 Me&You 

Me&Yu is a small fashion label specialising in innovative and original streetwear for men and women. Me&Yu is Angela Hulme and Gordon Cullerne, a boyfriend-girlfriend team. They create all there own designs in the Blackpool home-workshop and all the clothes are hand-made, hand-printed and limited edition. T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and handmade jersey dresses all get the Me&Yu makeover which combines their love of bold colours, text, graphics and illustration. Goto to see more.
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Magnetic Clothing

Magetic1  Magnetic based in Plymouth UK, produce limited edition urban streetwear: t-shirts, hoodies, beanies and sweatshirts. They strive to supply only the freshest designs on the street. The designs are influenced by everyday activities that include; music, graffiti, breaking and all the elements in between that bring these art forms together.
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