For the 21st century British man, the T-shirt forms the corner stone of the wardrobe. The T-shirt is his tool of self expression.  Yet frustratingly, stylishly unique T-shirts elude him. Instead he’s faced with rows of tees daubed with Katherine Hamnett-esque cliches, vacuous images or the ubiquitous logo shirt. Surely there has to be more to T-shirt design than deciding the angle at which the company name should be emblazoned?!?! So mused the founders of Soho Tuna, over a few pints in their Notting Hill local. In the cold light of day, despite the hang over, the inspiration remained and Soho Tuna became a reality. 

Soho Tuna’s founders felt the UK was missing a funky, independent label creating T-shirts with graphics and images that stood out from the crowd. They set about creating more than just a design. Soho Tuna’s tees move away from the high street’s use of meaningless symbols. Soho Tuna design images tell a story; images that demand a second look. Their debut collection is inspired by their experiences of London’s vibrancy: its nightlife, renowned landmarks and street carnivals. They combine iconic images of London with references to its more sinister, criminal elements. Goto: http://www.sohotuna.com/


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“We’ve been designing our modern, new-vintage t-shirts from our base in England since June 2005. 2smartmonkeys was born of a hideous marriage of inconvenience between Steve Maggs and Tim Clarke (two not necessarily smart but rather over-confident monkeys) in the summer of 2005. It was initially a ‘we can do that, so why don’t we?’ kind of thing, where after doing some t-shirts for a friend’s stag do we realised that if having an original t-shirt gets that many girls to talk to you there could be something in it.”

Since the almost accidental beginning we’ve just stuck to designing t-shirts inspired by stuff that we like and that we think other people will like, to make them stand out from the mass market crowd and feel a bit freer for having something lovingly crafted about their person.

Goto: www.2smartmonkeys.com and view the gallery of tees.

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Originated in 2005 as a surfboard label, Goofyfoot could see there was a need for surf clothing that was functional, as well as stylish, with this in mind we have created a new apparel line that meets the demands of surfers
in and out of the water, and the brand is quickly becoming a definitive name in the surf/beach and extreme sports culture.
– For the girls we offer a range of vests, tee’s and hoodies. Offering fashionable colours and eye catching designs.
For the guys we offer distressed vintage garments that are tight or loose fitting and incorporate designs that fit your lifestyle.
Goofyfoot’s aim is to unite the entire youth culture by connecting Surfing with Music, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Kiteboarding, Windsurfing and all Extreme sports. Visit: www.goofy-foot.co.uk

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www.Leapstore.com is the brand spanking new online clothing & lifestyle store looking to hook you up with the hottest up & coming streetwear labels including UK Premium Streetwear Label Seventyseven. Check out the range of t-shirts, sweats, outerwear & accessories etc…

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Rob Hunt


We found “Rod Hunt” by accident and liked his designs so much we decided to showcase himHe is an established London based illustrator. Working in Adobe Illustrator, he draws on humour, retro graphics & contemporary culture. He also gets his hands dirty with 3D model made Illustrations from time to time. Rod has been commissioned by a broad range of UK & International clients in publishing, design and advertising. Check out his unique style on http://www.rodhunt.com