For the 21st century British man, the T-shirt forms the corner stone of the wardrobe. The T-shirt is his tool of self expression.  Yet frustratingly, stylishly unique T-shirts elude him. Instead he’s faced with rows of tees daubed with Katherine Hamnett-esque cliches, vacuous images or the ubiquitous logo shirt. Surely there has to be more to T-shirt design than deciding the angle at which the company name should be emblazoned?!?! So mused the founders of Soho Tuna, over a few pints in their Notting Hill local. In the cold light of day, despite the hang over, the inspiration remained and Soho Tuna became a reality. 

Soho Tuna’s founders felt the UK was missing a funky, independent label creating T-shirts with graphics and images that stood out from the crowd. They set about creating more than just a design. Soho Tuna’s tees move away from the high street’s use of meaningless symbols. Soho Tuna design images tell a story; images that demand a second look. Their debut collection is inspired by their experiences of London’s vibrancy: its nightlife, renowned landmarks and street carnivals. They combine iconic images of London with references to its more sinister, criminal elements. Goto: http://www.sohotuna.com/


tshirt printing, screen printing, embroidery

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