Chateau Roux – new v-neck T-shirts

Chateau Roux

Chateau Roux have launched a new range of deep v-neck T-shirts. In the usual ultra soft modal fabrics they’re available in black, white and khaki, with both standard fabric options, and in line with the Shotguns in Soho graphics there is also a heavy distress effect. Soft fabrics need light textured screen printing, so October have used water based inks and have also printed a very lightweight foil – even where this is applied over the v-neck detail, texture has been kept to a minimum, making this a very wearable T.
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> First t-shirt collection from new London label ‘Zev Couture’


Introducing ‘Filthy Riche’, the first t-shirt collection from new London label ‘Zev Couture’. Printed on quality vintage cut/washed tees, zev’s designs are socially & politically switched-on with a cheeky sense of humour. The collection grabs inpiration from the past & translates it into a forward driven fashion passion for the present! At the time of writing, the range is exclusively available on-line & Portobello Market as of Saturday 15th December… But watch out for Zev on a high street near you, come the New Year!
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> Tom Tom – Happy new technology?

I’ve got an XL Tom Tom, a five mega pixel camera and an Ipod; I put a sleek black Samsung next to them on the desk and engage Bluetooth – that should impress them. The door opens and three young men who I suspect live with their mothers, read horror novels and have a shampoo allergy shuffle silently in; they are here to talk to me about spiders, of the Google variety. As they begin mumbling into their bum fluff about string queries while staring at their Clark’s, I find that all I can hear is the server’s incessant dirge, punctuated by the occasional ping pong of an email as it falls onto my virtual doormat……and in my coat pocket I feel the presence, of a Blackberry.

It’s all progress of course, but when I’ve gone a bit heavy on the crème de menthe I’m occasionally visited by my old friend Ben Kenobi who reminds me, ‘You’re more machine than man now’; and when I wake at 4 am to see the kettle spinning around on the record deck I think, it’s inevitable isn’t it, you can’t hide from the future?

Face Space, My Book and Grebo….complete strangers email me and ask if they can be my friend. I’m English and polite and so naturally I say ‘Yes of course old chap, I mean dude, lovely to hear from you’. They then reply asking who the f*** I am and telling me to clear off their friends section. I want to write back and tell them I’d rather drop my undercarriage into a jar of African killer bees than be part of their social network but I can’t, because I’m English, and polite, and so I apologise.

I’m told it’s inevitable that I will blog every move of my fascinating life – I noticed some clown on a t-shirt site recently describing a particularly interesting cloud formation he’d just seen. In the same way is it inevitable I wonder, that we turn to digital print?

The advantages are obvious I guess. No messy inks mean no plastisol on the mother in law’s new Axminster – no bad thing when your mother in law’s got a pierced nipple and has lost all her front teeth to pork scratchings (no offence Doreen). And as for digital print quality, you can pick out the hairs on a gnats todger in glorious Technicolor without a single screen, so no carry on with the old four colour process inks, no set-up costs, BINGO! And onto black garments I’m told.

It’s also easy to operate – apparently even embroiderers can work the kit. This is a huge advantage in the modern labour market. As we all know the ability to read, write, spell and do basic maths are now optional extras for most school leavers….and yet strangely they all emerge with 50 GCSE’s and a bucket of A levels; presumably some of these are in knuckle scraping and gurning. Off the subject slightly – Me? Never! But if you’re ever feeling a touch under par just advertise for a fictional job vacancy – I had a candidate recently inform me that he was suitable for screen printing because in a previous job at the abattoir, he’d been in charge of burning off pig hair. Pretty sure if I‘d been doing that for seven years I’d keep it fairly quiet.

So you don’t need to train a young Paduan screen printer for five years before they’re ready to take the trials…which not all will survive – you just put young Trevor in front of the digital printer and tell him to shout you if it catches fire.

And the digi-bonuses continue – the equipment doesn’t take up much space; it doesn’t fill the room with smoke; I guess it’s eco friendly (?); you’re not standing up spinning a carousel all day until you feet look like a pair of Quavers; and the blow dried salesman in comedy socks informs me that production times are just getting faster and faster. It’s a ‘no brainer’ they say – put that squeegee down and call your first child Epson!

But you know what Mr Stephenson, head of the Luddite Print Company is going to say don’t you? And it’s predictable isn’t it, because I still listen to Muddy Waters, Sonny Terry and blokes whose first names are Blind or Howlin’ (what were their mother’s thinking?) I’m going to take the stairs and not the elevator, use the map and not the sat nav, I might even write someone a letter one day soon, in ink, and I’m not going digital just yet. There’s a reason, maybe not a great reason, but here’s the thing.

Don’t digital prints pretty much all look the same? Now I know we go to some stupid lengths at my place to try and do different stuff. This culminated recently in a bunch of screen printers standing in a field shooting sweatshirts with 12 bore shotguns – well how else to you get an irregular distress in a thick fleece? For any loons interested enough to know we reckon the optimum distance is 12 feet – any closer looks like a post office raid gone wrong. Do not attempt without a licence and permission of the land owner though; although consenting the farmer in our case viewed us with the kind of suspicion I imagine he usually reserves for gay communists.

This excursion was not helped a few days later by the lads at work catching me distressing individual water based prints with sand paper – but this plot loss aside, go digital and I’ve got no expanding bases, no discharge, no suede effect, no high builds, no sprinkled glitters, and what about pressure distressed water based, you know where you just feel that wood in the palm of your hand, press a bit harder and then ooooh just ease off there a touch tiger and lift the screen and yes, oh yes indeed ladies and gentlemen, that print looks a hundred years old – in short, It’s printing Jim, but not as we know it.
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> Gobbolino Tshirts n Skirts


Gobbolino specializes in everything for the urban raving fairy. Big furry boot covers, beautiful hand customised fairy wings, skirts and head garlands in a flurry of Rainbow-Brite’esque. An unusual range of thigh-hi legwarmers, cute animal ear hats and sexy lolita lace mini skirts makes Gobbolino an original magpie find. Gobbolino was seen first on the streets of Camden Town, London and quickly became available to buy in individual clubwear and alternative shops around the UK and abroad. Heavily influenced by the street wear of the Haruko girls of Japan with their original and inspiring handmade garments. This craze has swept through to the main stream recently with Gwen Steffani’s album ‘Lamb’ where she embraces the Gobbolino style to be different.

Gobbolino’s online boutique has been established since 1999 and their ever growing catalogue grows from week to week with the fast moving trends that encapsulates the new generation of cyber shoppers. “bubblegum slut magazine” says… Extremely DIY, Queen Adreena-esque fake flowers, shredded lace and chiffon and rips, saftypins, glitter, mutilated Barbie dolls and childhood imagery are staples of the style. Amid the fairy skirts, lacy bloomers and kitty ears nothing sums it up quite like the pink n punky…
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> king-apparel – streetwear


Pushing the boundaries of credibility and distinction, KING has the streets on smash and continues to set the standards by which others follow.

Founded in 2003, its creators were brought together through a shared goal. To create a new apparel brand, a reflection of the creative freedom of their own lifestyle and culture. From the skate scene, the grime and hip-hop movements to the underground world of streetwear enthusiasts and the street art world, KING represents the eclectic mix of British youth and subculture.
The theme of KING is innovation, design, detailing and quality, reflected in its simplicity and subtlety. Garments for the streetwise, smart trendsetters – those who drive the bandwagon as opposed to jumping on it. It is more than a label, it is a representation of style, of distinction, the ethos through which we live our lives.
All outerwear garments and accessories produced are limited to exclusive runs of just 400 pieces with a strict ‘no re-runs and no repeats’ policy! KING was also the first worldwide brand to work exclusively alongside New Era Cap. The independently designed 5950 fitted caps have specialized and exclusive design modifications to the classic New Era that no one else produces, with direct cap hook up’s also available to match all outerwear pieces.
The elite and coveted King Affiliates team continues to grow in presence and stature. 2007 members include British music artists Sway (Best UK Hip Hop artist – BET Awards), Plan B and dubstep producer/DJ Plastician; emerging street artist Edge and the first additions to the brand new KING affiliates British skate team, Shaun Witherup and Daniel Clarke.

The brand is KING >>> Reign Supreme >>>
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>feebee – Japanese artist


Born in Japan and living by the ocean close to Tokyo. As a self studied artist Feebee produces some very striking and original graphics for advertising, product, interior and garments design. Combining a creative flair with very strong imagery. Influences are clearly Japanese with world wide appeal. Check out her website at