Dirty Shirty – t shirts and urban clothing

Dirty shirty

Check out Dirty Shirty for some very cool streetwear, t shirts and urban clothing.

Dirty shirty 1

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De La Calle – Urban t-shirts from Puerto Rico

De La Calle

De La Calle was created to represent those individuals who started the game with two strikes right out of the gate but have managed nonetheless not only to survive but to thrive. This clothing brand is dedicated to all “veteranos” who have fallen six times but have gotten up seven.

For anyone considered at one time or another, the black sheep-of-this-or-that, or written off (prematurely I might add) as casualties of warfare/drugs & alcohol/broken hearts/what-have-you and yet, in spite of it all, have persevered to rise above it all, time and time again.

De La Calle is the one urban clothing brand geared primarily towards the world-wide Latino market that’s not focused on any particular nationality or ethnic group (Puerto Ricans, Anglos, Hip-Hop Nation, Mexicans, African-Americans, Colombians, Orientals, Skaters, Central & South Americans, Surfers, Dominicans, Cubans, Rockers, etc.). We just carry the name brand with the most relevance for our youth, it’s very easy to understand; it’s concise, to the point and offers tremendous crossover potential. Our brand transcends nationalities, political, social and musical movements for De La Calle is indeed the sum of them all.

De la

Our denizens also transcend barriers, fences, walls and frontiers since all of our lives we have been overcoming the obstacles that life and circumstance have been throwing our way. That is why, to be considered “de la calle” is to be considered not only a fighter but more importantly, a survivor. As a clothing company our main goals are to become the premier urban brand representative of our whole Latino family, to act as the common denominator as well as the bridge where the youth from all of our nations will be able to -at long last- unite as one, and to become the urban clothing brand synonymous with Nuestra Gente.

Andy Irizarry,
De La Calle Inc,
San Juan,
Puerto Rico

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Launch of 22ten – bamboo t-shirts for men…


January 2008 sees the launch of the 22ten t-shirt brand and it’s online shop can be found on their website www.22-ten.co.uk. This company brings together a unique blend of fashion, design and sports backgrounds to create an exciting new collection of mens’ t-shirts. Their initial collection is the one of the first fashion t-shirt ranges in the UK to printed on bamboo. Bamboo is a naturally sustainable fibre that has the additional benefit of being hypoallergenic, and because it is antibacterial, the fabric doesn’t hold sweat or smell. Bamboo reacts like silk … if you are cold it keeps you slightly warmer, or if in a hot climate, it keeps you around 2 degrees cooler. It feels softer to touch than cotton, and is machine washable. 22ten commissioned a collection of prints designed by the Californian artist Erik Alwill. Erik based his drawings on his personal interpretation of the four philosophical statements: Free will defence; Would immortality be tedious? Am I dreaming? Casual realism. A more definitive explanation of each phrase can be found on their website. 22ten is supporting and encouraging health by keeping £1 aside from each t-shirt sold through their website to start a fund to sponsor a British athlete for the 2012 Olympics. Nearer the Olympics, clients of 22ten will be asked to vote for the recipients of this financial reward.

More details can be found on their website. For further information, visuals or samples, please contact:

Deborah Shaw at 07944-992291 or Deborah@22-ten.co.uk

Useful links: Bamboo Tshirts, Tshirt printing,

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BrandNew – streetwear for distinguished youth



BrandNew is an esoteric luxury brand focused on rapid fashion for distinguished youth. The Company designs and sources clothing and accessories, distributing through a network of retail boutiques & wholesale channels worldwide. The objective is to create stylish apparel that is always changing. Since its founding, BrandNew has been synonymous with quality, excellence and a fresh-youthful outlook.


We are here to lead you in a new direction, bring a fresh look on distinguished youth, rapid fashion, and keen sense of style.

BrandNew’s History

BrandNew was conceptualized in 2004. Founded by Scotty Taylor, whose resume includes Asst. Product Manager for Burton Snowboards, Co-developer and Designer of Nibus; a clothing & accessories line made from Hemp and other sustainable materials as well as Owner of Catalyst Design; a design, sourcing, product management and screen printing company. BrandNew was inspired by four seasons, all types of fashion, Snow Boarders, Skaters, Musicians and Intellects. BrandNew is now owned by Partners Scotty Taylor, Rebecca Welch and John Cross who each bring a unique skill-set to the table. The BrandNew team plans to take the online youth clothing market by storm, as well as acquire other brands to represent on the site. BrandNew should be the place to go when you want to find the latest in fashion from up and coming artists as well as established brands.

Location and Facilities

BrandNew is being driven by the unique fast paced North East coast in Burlington, Vermont. The goal is to make this a global brand, recognized world-wide as the place to go for fashion. Facilities are located in the South End of Burlington; an area that is artistically driven and promotes new up-and-coming businesses. BrandNew is currently available on the website or the brick and mortar store Steez at 104 Church St. (2nd Floor), Burlington, VT. Stay tuned as BrandNew will be available in more stores across the country.

Visit: www.brandnewclothing.com to view catalogue.

YOUR LOGO HERE? – promotional gifts and tshirts

Two Gildan Heavy T-shirts – a present from my Mother this Christmas. Nothing wrong with that, a perfectly decent pair of T-s lovingly wrapped in sparkly red paper, with all the care and attention only a dear old Mum can give.


I’m sure as she was carefully applying the ribbon she felt she was doing her best for me, just as she did 30 years ago when she shot at me in the garden with my own air rifle for being cheeky. The fact of the matter is that giving a t-shirt printer the gift of T-shirts, is not dissimilar to proudly presenting a farmer with a bag of soil – and it got me thinking….promotional gifts….what do you get that you actually want?


Now I guess you can’t argue with all the old bankers, they’re about as interesting as the Boy’s Bumper Book of Knots, but they work, just as well as a sheepshank or an angler’s loop:


Clocks – the employers are looking at them, to see what time their new hairy fisted Neanderthal recruit has managed to drag himself in to work; the employees are looking at them, so that at one nano second to five they can explode from the running blocks and out of the door; and we’re all looking at them, over reps shoulders when they whip out the holiday snaps of the Mrs on a log flume in Fuengerola. They’re available for all promotional budgets, starting with a cardboard circle and a couple of drinking straws, through to those ones that also tell the time in New York and Beijing (in a sad attempt to convince people that you really have got an office outside Nuneaton) – so clocks are good.


Rulers…dreary? Well yes but be honest, when you’re on your own in the office, admit to me you’ve never sat twanging one on the edge of the desk in an attempt to create some Aboriginal style sound track. No? Or screwed up some paper and used your ruler to flick it into a distant bin, punching the air just a little bit as it goes in and growling ‘Cash back’. Must be just me then, but they are useful for holding up to your left nipple when deciding on the length of a print or embroidery, 8 centimetres or 10, so rulers work and I’m happy to receive them.


Mugs – safe as houses – garment printers and embroiderers drink more T than chimps who wear their own clothes and play the piano. It may well be a thinly veiled attempt to spend two thirds of the day going to the toilet, but there’s no getting away from it we need those mugs. What else are we going to bang down on the desk in front of our female business partners while shouting ‘Shut your mouth, put your knitting down and make us a nice cup of tea there’s a love’…….I now of course have exactly one month to live before Jane reads this, and for what it’s worth I would like to be buried at sea in women’s underwear.


And the list goes on;


Pens – mightier than the sword apparently, although I wouldn’t have fancied my chances at Bannockburn with a biro. Still, I suppose we all write so OK.


Desk pads – usually ending up as a mix of the Olympic coffee rings, a few phallic cartoons and a phone number for someone you can’t remember, but we use them so I suppose so.

Mug Mats and mouse mats – same thing really, and handy when someone else is using the desk pad, so I’ll have some of those as well please.


Diaries – never used one myself but apparently there are people who have a life and do find them handy – especially the one’s with a world map only readable with an electron microscope, and the conversion page that tells you how many cubic centilitres there are in a fluid ounce – vital stuff.


Chocolates – very nice, but I did know a promotional chocolate supplier once that had a set of choppers that made Albert Steptoe look like the fourth Bee gee, so proceed with care.

Pen knives – always useful for opening those boxes, and much appreciated by my seven year old tree carving son – according to my better half a ‘Good toe-ending up the street’ is not an acceptable punishment these days, and I had to settle for removal of TV rights.


And so on and so on, but beyond a certain point I wonder if it all starts to go off at a gradual tangent. We then move into a mid range of products that we don’t really need, and aren’t remotely useful, but that we hope people will quite like to receive – the teddy bear, champagne, and die cast model of a 1930’s bread van market.


Now I’m not knocking it – as a result of twanging my ruler in Maths and not getting a proper job, I’m right in it. Who really needs another promotional T-shirt? All we can do is try and introduce a few fashion values and make them so lovely that they won’t be used for lagging a pipe within two days of the event – but if the customer insists on having a six foot phone number and a date on the back of the shirt, there’s not much we can do to make them a lasting thing of beauty. Just think of how many times you’ve seen someone following a T-shirt trying to write down a phone number by the way – it just doesn’t happen, and if it does, it’s stalking.


But then we move into a final category, and it’s a very well intentioned one. It’s brought about by that most noble of human desires; to endlessy find new ways to communicate, a desire that has given us……. the promotional fire extinguisher.


Now I don’t know about you, but when I’m dousing myself in water from the spray booth and running into the flames to save a fluffy kitten from certain death, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be looking at my logo emblazoned fire tool and thinking ‘That reminds me, I really must give Frank’s Cob Shop another go, I’ve been hearing great things about his pastrami on rye’. This is the sector that brings us the key fob that can be used for levelling a wonky table – great idea presumably until you grab your car keys in a hurry and leave to the sound of smashing cups.


But this stuff sells – it must do or it wouldn’t exist, so I must be wrong…….again.


You’ll let me put one promotional item into room 101 though won’t you? I thought about those flat pack things that build into a desk tidy – the one’s you have to be a Grand Master in Origami to construct, and then end up stamping on while repeatedly shouting ‘Die’ just relieve yourself of the whole experience. But I’m not going for that, because the promotional tool that really makes me poorly, and this may surprise you, is the badly over printed calendar from Nobby’s Caravans – you know the one, with the oh so bloody cheery English country scenes. If I turn over January to see another squirrel, head at a cheeky angle, tail a quiver, I’m going to ask my Mum where she put that air rifle and teach little Fuzznuts a lesson.


Also visit our main site:

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to be remarkable


Pilot – High end labels such as Neil Barrett, Prada Sport, Y3 and Vivienne Westwood


In the physical world Pilot is one of the most respected fashion retailers in the United Kingdom. The first Pilot Men store opened over twenty years ago. Pilot Men has always been at the cutting edge of men’s fashion, bringing new labels to its audiences such as Maharishi and G Star way back in 1999.

Pilot 2

Today a killer brand mix can be found at its central Leicester headquarters. High end labels such as Neil Barrett, Prada Sport, Y3 and Vivienne Westwood can be found on the first floor design room. The ground floor is the home to popular brands such as G Star, Diesel, Replay, Yen by Michiko Koshino, Ra:re D&G as well as the most eminent jeans brand in the world PRPS. The ground floor has a cool urban vibe and showcases Maharishi, Ringspun plus some smaller designers such as Oakwood. Next door is Pilot.Net. The focus here is definitely street with limited edition Nike trainers, Lacoste, as well as limited edition Levis, Evisu, Avirex. Recent editions include Artful Dodger and Gio Goi. Pilot.Women takes the Pilot ethos to womenswear. Brands such as Nolita, Diesel, G Star, Replay and Firetrap which live in harmony in its intimate surroundings. In the virtual world My:PILOT is a new and exiting extension of the Pilot brand. Visit: http://www.netclothing.net/

Pilot 3

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The Junction clothes shop – Michiko Koshino Yen, Duffer of St George

Junction clothing 3

The Junction clothes shop was opened in February of 2003 and stocks Michiko Koshino Yen, Duffer of St George, Miss Sixty clothing and shoes, Lyle and Scott, Gio Goi, Wale Adeyemi, Nolita, Worn By, Amplified and Votan, Fly London Shoes, Fly 53, Luke, Junk de Luxe, Take Two, Religion, Buddhist Punk, Jocasi and many more.

Junction clothing 1

Look out for The Junction website coming soon!!! www.junctionclothing.com. New collections for Spring Summer 07 from Birkenstock, Addict and Artful Dodger.

Junction Clothing 2

You can find us in the Old Village, Corby, Northants and contact us on telephone 01536 201122.

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