De La Calle – Urban t-shirts from Puerto Rico

De La Calle

De La Calle was created to represent those individuals who started the game with two strikes right out of the gate but have managed nonetheless not only to survive but to thrive. This clothing brand is dedicated to all “veteranos” who have fallen six times but have gotten up seven.

For anyone considered at one time or another, the black sheep-of-this-or-that, or written off (prematurely I might add) as casualties of warfare/drugs & alcohol/broken hearts/what-have-you and yet, in spite of it all, have persevered to rise above it all, time and time again.

De La Calle is the one urban clothing brand geared primarily towards the world-wide Latino market that’s not focused on any particular nationality or ethnic group (Puerto Ricans, Anglos, Hip-Hop Nation, Mexicans, African-Americans, Colombians, Orientals, Skaters, Central & South Americans, Surfers, Dominicans, Cubans, Rockers, etc.). We just carry the name brand with the most relevance for our youth, it’s very easy to understand; it’s concise, to the point and offers tremendous crossover potential. Our brand transcends nationalities, political, social and musical movements for De La Calle is indeed the sum of them all.

De la

Our denizens also transcend barriers, fences, walls and frontiers since all of our lives we have been overcoming the obstacles that life and circumstance have been throwing our way. That is why, to be considered “de la calle” is to be considered not only a fighter but more importantly, a survivor. As a clothing company our main goals are to become the premier urban brand representative of our whole Latino family, to act as the common denominator as well as the bridge where the youth from all of our nations will be able to -at long last- unite as one, and to become the urban clothing brand synonymous with Nuestra Gente.

Andy Irizarry,
De La Calle Inc,
San Juan,
Puerto Rico
tshirt printing, screen printing, embroidery

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Launch of 22ten – bamboo t-shirts for men…


January 2008 sees the launch of the 22ten t-shirt brand and it’s online shop can be found on their website This company brings together a unique blend of fashion, design and sports backgrounds to create an exciting new collection of mens’ t-shirts. Their initial collection is the one of the first fashion t-shirt ranges in the UK to printed on bamboo. Bamboo is a naturally sustainable fibre that has the additional benefit of being hypoallergenic, and because it is antibacterial, the fabric doesn’t hold sweat or smell. Bamboo reacts like silk … if you are cold it keeps you slightly warmer, or if in a hot climate, it keeps you around 2 degrees cooler. It feels softer to touch than cotton, and is machine washable. 22ten commissioned a collection of prints designed by the Californian artist Erik Alwill. Erik based his drawings on his personal interpretation of the four philosophical statements: Free will defence; Would immortality be tedious? Am I dreaming? Casual realism. A more definitive explanation of each phrase can be found on their website. 22ten is supporting and encouraging health by keeping £1 aside from each t-shirt sold through their website to start a fund to sponsor a British athlete for the 2012 Olympics. Nearer the Olympics, clients of 22ten will be asked to vote for the recipients of this financial reward.

More details can be found on their website. For further information, visuals or samples, please contact:

Deborah Shaw at 07944-992291 or

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