Confrontational Welsh street fashion label The Red Dragonhood has launched two rugby-related designs as a protest against the use of the ‘Prince of Wales Feathers’ on the shirts of the victorious Wales rugby team. The design features either ‘Wales’ or ‘Cymru’ with the claws of a dragon appearing to tear through the shirt from the wearer’s heart, ripping the feathers symbol.


Although many people assume the emblem is a national symbol of Wales, it is in fact the brand of the English monarch’s eldest son (rather like Duchy Originals) since adopted by the Black Prince in the 14th Century. Prince Charles recently claimed the Three Feathers as his own private property announcing that Welsh people need to have his permission to use the emblem.


Offered for sale on The Red Dragonhood’s website http://www.thereddragonhood.com <http://www.thereddragonhood.com> , the first batch of ‘Claws T shirts’ proved that feelings run high in Wales by selling out in a matter of hours.

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