The Colour wheel, photoshop, illustrator

The colour wheel

Following the popularity of our “print techniques” article and “Pantone swatch download” we have decided to do some more on simple tools that can help fashion designers and graphic designers in their quest for the perfect design for print. If you already know it all then skip this article.

Typical designers’ paint or pigment:

primary colours are blue, red, and yellow. Cannot be mixed to create them.

Primary colours

The corresponding secondary colours are green, orange & violet. Mixed from two primaries

Secondary Colours

The tertiary colours are red–orange, red–violet, yellow–orange, yellow–green, blue–violet and blue–green. Can be produced my mixing primary and secondary hues.

Tertiary Colours

Next article is on colour schemes. A colour wheel based on RGB (red, green, blue) or RGV (red, green, violet) additive primaries has cyan, magenta, and yellow secondary’s (cyan was previously known as cyan blue). Alternatively, the same arrangement of colours around a circle can be described as based on cyan, magenta, and yellow subtractive primaries, with red, green, and blue (or violet) being secondary’s. To be continued………

Useful links:

Online dynamic colour wheel

Download colour wheels:

Flash MX format

Corel Draw 7 format

EMF format

Fireworks PNG file

Photoshop PSD RGB & CMYK

worqx (colour theory and article source)

Tiger Color, color Impact ( great software for colour management and article source)
tshirt printing, screen printing, embroidery

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