Topshop, Urban Outfitters and teenage fashion

I’m Martha, I’m 13 and I’m doing a days work experience at October (otherwise known as my teachers are on strike so I’ve had to come to work with my dad!). I’ve checked out a few websites for teenage fashion and clothing.

One of the sites I looked at was:

I thought it was very easy to work your way round the site and find what you were looking for. There was a huge range of all types of clothes, they had lots of clothing that would be very easy to wear everyday, which is what i mainly look for when i go shopping.

Their clothing was very up to date and had a big, spring/summer range.

They have clothes in lots of different styles to suit anyone, and provide sizes from 6-16 for most items. They also have a useful size guide for each item, so if you don’t know what size to buy, you can use it to find out.

And they also sell accessories too…

I found that:

lots of their items go well with each other, and you could easily put together a whole outfit just from this shop/site.

– They also sold a range of wintery clothing too – coats, jeans etc.

And they’re nearly all at prices that are easily affordable.

I really like their selection of clothing.

I also had a look at urban outfitters website- Their site was very easy to use and I could find what I needed very quickly, which is good. Though some of their items are not as affordable as prices in other shops like Topshop, or New Look and other teenage clothes shops, I really like their clothing range.

It’s unique and unusual, which is one of the things I like about it – I don’t really want to wear clothes that everyone else is wearing because that’s just a bit boring to be honest, but if you wore clothes from urban outfitters you would stand out and look individual, which is, one of the main things I would look for if I was buying clothes.

They have a large range of clothing for all seasons.

Some of their clothes are not as casual as they are in Topshop etc. but that means you could also buy clothes from there for a more posh, or special occasion. I really like nearly all their clothing, and would definitely wear it myself!

There’s also – All Saints – It’s too expensive for me really, but it is a very cool shop……one day maybe, if my Dad pays me for helping him at work today….Dad…where are you?????

Love Martha x
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