InterSélection SPRING/SUMMER 2008 TRENDS | Trends, Tshirts and decoration



The positive influence of sport revitalizes the codes of urban chic. The functional wardrobe, technical fabrics and details with an «active sport» connotation come into play for very cool fashion.


Pale neutrals, dirty or refreshed pastels, to mix together, to disrupt with bright and unexpected accents. Scroopy hands, nylons and light cottons. «Cheap silky fabrics», plain weave silk, viscose twills. Shirting, solid and striped poplins, end-and end, oxfords, chambrays. Satins again and again! Fleece, terries, stretch fluid or chiné jerseys. Continuation of knits in bamboo and soybean, and organic cotton.


Culture of paradox, play of contrasts, new aesthetic rules. Heritage resources are drawn on to embellish and dream up a modern and effortless wardrobe. Unostentatiously sumptuous, floral colors evoke the exoticism and magic of dyes. Contrasting harmonies or faux monochromes are neutralized with faded tones. Light silky fabrics, taffetas, crêpes de Chine, satins. Glossy cottons, cotton sateen. Soft casual wear, heavy canvas, softened washed basket weave cottons, ring spun denim. Linen, hemp, textured rather than rustic! Oversize decoration. Japanese-style florals, plant landscapes, tattoos, bou-bou patterns, Madras checks, knit jacquards with stripe and basketwork motifs.

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InterSélection SPRING/SUMMER 2008 TRENDS | Fashion Trendsetter

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