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Graffiti writing dates back many centuries, even back to Roman times when art work was scratched in and painted on to walls.

In modern time graffiti writing and graffiti street art became much more than just decoration. Graffiti writing became an outlet for political activists to express themselves and also as a way for every day people and artists to express themselves.

It turned decrepit walls into beautiful pieces of artwork and quickly ingrained itself in many subcultures, eventually becoming a world wide art form. Many modern artists have roots in graffiti and the art form has worked its way into many other areas such as graphic design and photography.

Graffiti writing and graffiti street art have become one of the most popular subjects for photographers to shoot, as seen below in these 30 great examples.

Examples of Great Graffiti Writing and Graffiti Street Art































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30 Great Examples of Graffiti Writing and Graffiti Street Art | You the Designer

Hot colour of the year according to Pantone.

The HOT colour of the year according to Pantone® is Chili Pepper Red 19-1557 TCX


Pantone Chilli red


This case study will give you a look at the process of successfully developing a colour from the design inspiration to the final article in the retail store.


Once you have selected the colour from the Pantone Fashion and Home Colour System® and ordered your standard swatch card, you may go to http://www.matchpantonecolors.com and request a user name and password to access the formulations page. At the formulations page you will be able to request a starting recipe using Clariant globally available colorants to match the colour on your particular fibre. The fibres with starting recipes at the site are cotton, nylon, and polyester.


The recipe and the standard are all the mill will need to get a SMART start on a successful colour approval going into production.


If you are creating a special fibre blend or application or need technical advice, contact our technical support team. Select the country contact from Clariant and they can assist with combinations for your unique blend or processing information for the best results in the mill.


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Fashion king Yves Saint Laurent dies

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent, considered by many as the greatest fashion designer of the 20th Century, has died in Paris at the age of 71.

Saint Laurent changed the face of the fashion industry when he became chief designer of the House of Dior at 21.

He designed clothes that reflected women’s changing role in society: more confident personally, sexually and in the work-place.

He retired from haute couture in 2002 and had been ill for some time. Saint Laurent died on Sunday evening in the French capital, the Pierre-Berge-Saint Laurent Foundation announced.

Pierre Berge, the designer’s former business and personal partner, said he had died at his home after a long illness. He did not give details. French President Nicolas Sarkozy paid tribute to Saint Laurent’s “creative genius”.

‘I draw on woman’

“I found my style through women,” Saint Laurent once said.

“That’s where its strength and vitality comes from because I draw on the body of a woman.”

He changed forever what women wear, introducing trouser suits, safari jackets and sweaters, BBC arts correspondent Razia Iqbal notes.

Saint Laurent was a great innovator, helping to revitalise haute couture while making ready-to-wear design popular.

The editor of British Vogue, Alexandra Shulman, said he had helped democratise fashion:

“Before that people had small salons for rich people.

“Saint Laurent brought it to the people.

“He was young and groovy. Pop stars were hanging out with him and younger generations related to him.”

‘Devastating’ news

President Sarkozy said the designer had been “the first to elevate haute couture to the rank of art and that gave him global influence”.

YSL ‘understood what women really wanted’

“Yves Saint Laurent infused his label with his creative genius, elegant and refined personality… because he was convinced that beauty was a necessary luxury for all men and all women,” he added.

Speaking on French radio, Pierre Berge said his former partner had empowered women.

“In this sense he was a libertarian, an anarchist and he threw bombs at the legs of society,” he said.

“That’s how he transformed society and that’s how he transformed women.”

Famous French embroiderer Francois Lesage, who worked 40 years with the designer, said he was “devastated” by news of his death.

“I have never known a designer who would give so much thought to something when it was proposed to him,” he told French TV.

“It is a great grief for me.”

Life of ill-health

Born in the Algerian city of Oran at a time when the North African country was a French colony, he had a precocious talent.

His first collection caused a sensation with its gently flared dresses and jackets that set the mould for 1950s fashion.

Within three years, Dior had died and Yves St Laurent had taken his place. He took the world by storm with his trouser suits, highly coloured ethnic prints and designs inspired by the art world.

Taunted as a schoolboy because of his homosexuality, Yves St Laurent suffered mental and physical ill health for much of his life and he appeared in public only rarely.

Did you know the designs of Yves Saint Laurent? Are you a designer who was inspired by him or did you work with him? Have you ever worn one of his creations?

What contribution do you think he made to the fashion industry?

Add you tribute messages.

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