Bike trial and bike wear tshirts and clothing

Bike trials as illustrated in the video attached by the team of guys from Nottingham UK.
They do not just represent good bike control, creative use of a mechanical object but representatives of a whole fashion and urban culture.

These guys go to beautiful places like France and in the UK to create cool video of what they love, sporting urban bike wear. It’s sometimes flash, sometimes cool but always new.

Apple Bottoms : Urban clothing, t shirts, sweats and sex

Apple Bottoms is a clothing line that caters to trend setting women of all shapes and sizes.

Celebrating and liberating the natural curves of a woman’s body is Apple Bottoms’ supreme mission. This unique brand is the mastermind of multi-platinum superstar Nelly. He describes the intent behind the design by saying, “A woman should not try to fit the clothes; the clothes should fit the woman!” His creative team of designers crafted the perfect fit for different silhouettes that accentuate the curves of all women.

Apple Bottoms jeans have been worn and are beloved by celebrities including Oprah, Vivica Fox, Fergie, Ashanti and many more. Branching out from our denim collection the “Apple Tree” has grown into: sportswear, intimates, swimsuits, plus sizes, scrubs, sunglasses, optical, jewelry, handbags & accessories, footwear, children’s wear and infants.

Check out some of the new garments in the catalogue.

Wrap Hoodie SweaterWrap Hoodie Sweater
Wrap Hoodie Sweater : Wrap Hoodie Sweater

Long Sleeve Fashion TopLong Sleeve Fashion Top
Long Sleeve Fashion Top : Long Sleeve Fashion Top

Long Sleeve Fashion TopDavina Fitted Crop Vest

Long Sleeve Fashion Top : Davina Fitted Crop Vest

Crew Neck Tee With Apple ScreenCrew Neck Tee With Apple Screen
Crew Neck Tee With Apple Screen : Crew Neck Tee With Apple Screen

Burnout Henley TeeBurnout Henley Tee
Burnout Henley Tee : Burnout Henley Tee

V-Neck TopV-Neck Top

V-Neck Top : V-Neck Top

V-Neck TopCrew Neck Tee With Female Screen

V-Neck Top : Crew Neck Tee With Female Screen

Crew Neck Tee With Female ScreenCrew Neck Tee With Female Screen

Crew Neck Tee With Female Screen

Apple Bottoms

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Vanilla Pink:T shirts, Urban clothing, Street, Skate & Hip Hop Clothing

More T-shirts and Urban clothing / street wear. At the heart of Vanilla Pink’s embodiment of style and attitude is the gingerbread man, using various facades a number of unique characters were born.

Each ginger bread man is an expression of design, colour and flavour, giving Vanilla Pink the depth to capture your imagination and transcend our message of creative design and inner funk.

Vanilla Pink 'The Shutter Shade GB Man' T-Shirt (White)

Vanilla Pink ‘The Shutter Shade GB Man’ T-Shirt (White)

Vanilla Pink 'The Shutter Shade GB Man' T-Shirt (Turtle)

Vanilla Pink ‘The Shutter Shade GB Man’ T-Shirt (Turtle)

Vanilla Pink 'The Shutter Shade GB Man' T-Shirt (Purple)

Vanilla Pink ‘The Shutter Shade GB Man’ T-Shirt (Purple)

Vanilla Pink 'The Gold Rope GB Man' T-Shirt (Baby)

Vanilla Pink ‘The Gold Rope GB Man’ T-Shirt (Baby)

Vanilla Pink 'The Gold Rope GB Man' T-Shirt (Turtle)

Vanilla Pink ‘The Gold Rope GB Man’ T-Shirt (Turtle)

Vanilla Pink 'The Tilted GB Man' Exclusive T-Shirt (Black)

Vanilla Pink ‘The Tilted GB Man’ Exclusive T-Shirt (Black)

Vanilla Pink 'The Tilted GB Man' Exclusive T-Shirt (Canary)

Vanilla Pink ‘The Tilted GB Man’ Exclusive T-Shirt (Canary)

Vanilla Pink 'Got Wings' Exclusive T-Shirt (Black)

Vanilla Pink ‘Got Wings’ Exclusive T-Shirt (Black)

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Vince Fraser – digital illustrator, graphic artist and T shirt design

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others” 
Vince Fraser is a freelance digital illustrator / designer based in London who has worked for various clients including British Airways, PC World, BBC and T-mobile. 

Click images for a closer look:

With ten years experience in the field of digital arts he is one of the most sought after image-makers working today. Having originally come from an interior design background, the progression to digital arts was a natural one.

Specializing in digital illustration ranging from 2d vector work, photo-montage, image-manipulation and 3d modelling, Vince’s work has continued to develop and inspire creating vibrant, innovative and evocative artwork. Imprementing a variety of elements from photographs to typography and vector illustration his compositions conceal a broad palette. Having a great eye for detail he is always pushing the boundaries and describes his style as contemporary but with a twist of retro.

Vince’s highly versatile work can be found anywhere internationally from mobile phone screensavers, VIP lounges through to luxury apartments and is starting to get the recognition it highly deserves.

His work is regularly featured in design and industry publications such as Advanced Photoshop, IDN, Computer Arts Projects and Digital Arts.

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October T shirt printing – sponsors the The “Emma Humphreys Memorial Prize”

“The Emma Humphreys Memorial Prize honours organizations and individuals who have helped to stop violence against women.

This year is the 10th Anniversary of the awards with over 200 women attending and is set to be bigger and better than ever. Performers include Sheboom-Europe’s largest female drumming ensemble, Andi Osho- Winner of the Nivea Funny Women Awards 2007 and the Urban Gypsies-Tribal belly dancers featured on Britain’s Got Talent.

Tickets are on sale now. 

Please contact for more information.”

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Jewellery industry – Sting behind your bling

Whether future heirloom or fun trinket, jewellery is one of life’s luxurious pleasures. Even if you aren’t decked out in multiple carats, a bit of bling can make you feel a million dollars. But the path your jewellery takes to reach your earlobe, neck, wrist or finger can be harrowing.



Bling warfare

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but these sparklers are fuelling plenty of hate in war-torn areas of Africa, where the trade in illicit rough diamonds and gold has funded rebels in decades of devastating conflicts aimed at undermining legitimate governments in places like Sierra Leone, Liberia, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (download pdf here) was set up in 2003 to prevent these ‘conflict’ – or ‘blood’ – diamonds filtering through to the mainstream market. ‘Conflict-free’ diamonds are now widely available, but sadly jewellery production is still an ethical minefield. Check out for more information on avoiding conflict stones.


Clean Canadian sparklers?

To avoid the bad publicity of African diamonds, there’s been a huge rush for stones from Canada – one of the world’s biggest producers – which some companies are promoting as a ‘clean’ alternative. While these mines aren’t funding bloody conflicts, many would argue that some of them are damaging the livelihoods of the indigenous communities living in mining areas, and the fragile ecosystems they depend on.


Sweat behind the sparkle

Worldwide, the people – including about a million children – employed on minimal wages to mine and process supposedly legitimate diamonds, gemstones and precious metals often endure some of the worst working conditions imaginable. Toiling in Asian and African countries with little or no union support means health and safety precautions are slender at best. There’s a serious risk of work-related death, injury or chronic illness as workers scratch out a living in remote mines extracting precious and semi-precious stones.


Once out of the mines, jewellery is often manufactured in sweatshop conditions. Most of the world’s diamonds are cut in India, often by child labourers working 12 to 14-hour shifts to pay off family debts. And in China many migrant workers are crippled by silicosis, or ‘dust lung’, after cutting semi-precious stones.


A toxic minefield

The jewellery industry’s impact on the environment is far from sparkling. Gold-mining can leave a shocking trail of destruction, with the production of a single gold wedding band leaving behind up to 20 tonnes of mine waste. Cyanide and mercury compounds are used to separate gold from its ore. As well as harming workers, they can pollute land and water, often affecting an area long after the local mine has closed. Then there’s the ‘acid-rock drainage’ of acidic water – out of gold and silver mines and into local groundwater. One bar of gold looks much like any other, so it can be near impossible to track the green credentials of specific pieces of jewellery.


What’s the alternative?

The British Ethical Jewellery Association is being set up to help jewellers and customers navigate the ethical jewellery minefield. It will set clear and externally audited standards to help customers make ethical choices. Meanwhile, to sparkle with a clear conscience, insist on certified non-conflict diamonds, look out for recycled metals, and try out some of the alternative materials used by the new breed of ethical jewellers.


Author: Joanna Yarrow is a broadcaster, writer and consultant specialising in green living. She’s GMTV’s eco expert and presented BBC Three’s Outrageous Wasters

L-R-G are back with more hoodies, t shirts,sweats and urban fashion

The L-R-G Neapolitan Camo Zip Up Hoody (urban fashion) is another classic made from 100% cotton, and features a hood with drawstrings, a multi-color camo pattern.



An LRG logo stitching on the chest, side pockets, an LRG logo label on the hood opening & hem, and a metal LRG logo label on the back. You cannot get cooler skatewear than this.

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