Garment Labeling – Take responsibility

When you enter a supermarket you can select a product and see the fats, salts carbs etc. and see the country of origin to get your food miles.. This information allows consumers to make informed choices.

Every action has a consequence, but with this information, neither businesses nor consumers have any excuses about responsibility.

But why is this not the same in retail clothing? This is a campaign for the freedom of information and ultimately complete transparency in the retail clothing sector.

We want our model – open candid information on every aspect of the clothing manufacture Product Life Cycle – to take a fresh approach to combat greenwash in a market saturated with unjustified marketing catchphrases.

The Prime Minister agrees and our petition is online as of today…

Signing this petition will be one tiny step towards forcing an entire industry to be open and honest about their products. One big change is just lots of little changes… Be part of it!