Urban Clothing, T-shirts and Hip-Hop

This is for all you streetwear and urban clothing wearing people. The video says it all. Enjoy.

Organic Tote Bags – EarthPositive

This is the latest addition to the EarthPositive® product range: organic and low carbon, screen printable, Tote Bags.


There is a growing demand for ethically and environmentally credible bags, as more and more retailers, brands, corporate and promotional users are no longer content with using cheap cotton carriers as an alternative to plastic bags.

The rising levels of awareness mean the users of such products demand the same high values of the bags as they do of their cotton clothing.

Corporate and retail brands wish to communicate their ethical messages using an equally ethical communication medium.

The EarthPositive® Organic Shopper Tote (code EP70) is a plain weave, fine gauge canvas bag in undyed natural cotton, in the standard shopper tote dimensions (38x42cm) with long shoulder straps. The smooth fabric provides an ideal surface for screen-printing. This is the ultimate ‘sustainable’ shopper bag.

The EarthPositive® Organic Fashion Tote (code EP75) is a premium weight, twill weave cotton bag, with quality stitching detail, produced in a range of seven vibrant colours. This product is designed to meet the demand for a bag as a ‘fashion accessory with a conscience’ in a market place where the vast majority of similar products are produced in cheap quality raw fabrics of unknown origin. Again this bag is perfect for screen printing.

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Icelandic Meltdown – T shirt Printers

While the rest of the world focuses on the financial crisis in Iceland, we humble t-shirt printers thought it would be a good idea to look at the beautiful clothes it could perhaps be more famous for.

Clean and simple, honest, effective, and elegant – if only we could say the same of the banking industry…..

Black Church

Spaksmannsspjarir (boutique and label) was founded in 1993 by the design duo Bjorg and Vala. Their creation is geared towards intelligent, independent women, but does not impose a particular image on them.


Instead, Spaksmannsspjarir opens up a wide range of possibilities and thus emphasizes each individual woman’s uniqueness. Depending on her mood and the occasion, she can bring out the fashion’s feminine, practical or distinguished note.

Natural materials and variable accessories ensure the wearability and adaptability of each item. Contrasts play a key role in all of Spaksmannsspjarir Collection. Masculine elements and feminine cuts, nostalic shapes and modern materials stand side by side as intriguing opposites or mingle in harmonious combinations.


Fashion from Iceland,  for the latest Collections of the highly acclaimed Icelandic Fashion Designers call +354 551 2090.  


Spaksmannsspjarir (which means Wise Men’s Clothing) is renowned for using contrasts in its collections. Their latest line uses the colours of the Icelandic winter _ luminous white and earth brown _ to capture the spirit of the Icelandic landscape and the capital Reykjavik’s lively nightlife. The colours combine with exciting cuts and shapes to form a stylish, feminine whole.

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Free eBook – ‘T-Shirts and Suits:

T shirt and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity’ is a practical handbook for creative entrepreneurs to refer to and find information, examples from other businesses, and practical tips about using powerful business ideas in a creative context.

The book condenses over twenty years’ experience of working in the creative enterprises, combined with learning from clients and from business school.tshirt andsuits

“Clear and concise with a lovely clean design.
T-Shirts and Suits is a great mixture of theory, practice and inspiration.”
— Fiona Shaw. Capsica Publishing.

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