October in League with the Villainous Visard (t-shirt brand)

Villainous Visard is a t-shirt brand which is influenced by comics, hip-hop, manga, japanese street wear and villains of course. After seeing most of the brands out in the UK scene I just felt that there was not enough of a connection, a story, a theme, so I set myself a goal of creating something that was firmly routed in an ideology of the villain and the mask!! Origin of VV©.

There is very little that is known about Villainous Visard. At some point in his life, he had his nose, ears, and cheekbones shaved down so he could easily mould his face to the mask. Once the mask was worn it would be able to manipulate minds as well as mimicking different personas. Villainous Visard would even go as far as to swap his blood for that of the subject he is mimicking. In his mind, he not only would take on a disguise, but he would become that very person.

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T-shirt printing – Some unashamed celebrity endorsement

deviant bianca

October print for Deviant Rocks, who in their own words are…. offering unique, powerful fashion designs which pair quality fabrics with the finest Swarovski Crystals, to provide an unparalleled range of Luxury Casual wear.

Deviant Peter Andre

Our focus on strength, self-expression and individualism has gained us overwhelming recognition amongst the celebrity world with admirers ranging from Rock Stars to Royalty. Deviant Rocks…. Imperfection Perfected

We’d go along with that!

Deviant Peter Andre

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