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Surfing Fashion

Living and breathing the lifestyle of the surfer not only means watching and waiting for that ultimate wave but also means getting the best out of the latest surf fashion. However whether you`re riding the waves, sunbathing on the beach, or partying with your friends with a barbeque surfing trends are no longer just for the pro surfer. Clothing that was initially designed specifically for surfing has become a key part of current casual wear ranges and beach fashions. So to ensure you look good on the beach as well as in the water make sure you have the essential surf gear.

Board shorts are a must for anyone keen to look and feel good both in and out of the water. These shorts are durable, dry quickly and come in a huge variety of designs and styles to suit any surfer or beach lover. O`Neill is one of the worlds leading lifestyle brands and offers a great range of `boardies` in bright and fun colours. For the serious surfer performance board shorts such as the O`Neill Superfreaks (winner of the 2004 SIMA Image Award for Product Innovation of the Year) provide a lightweight and stretchy alternative to give you an extra edge in the water.

Be prepared for all weathers by adding a tee shirt, hoodie and pants. With close relationships with professional riders Billabong offers a great range of surf wear, including boardies, surf related hoodies and tee shirts with bold prints, styles and patterns. Most brands offer both women and men`s ranges so finding styles that suit your shape and size won`t be a problem, but for a large choice in fucntional surf gear with a girlie fit don`t forget to check out the latest fashions at Roxy. If the sun is out and your ready to catch some rays combine a bikini top with board shorts for the ultimate girlie surfing look.

To complete your outfit you`ll need practical, lightweight and waterproof footwear for the wet and sandy beach. With a commitment to making the best beach sandals, Reef provides an excellent range of footwear including both sandals and flip-flops in the latest styles and materials.

To find the hottest looks and latest fashion trends look no further than Volcom uk. Here you`ll find brands specialising in surf fashion such as Reef, Roxy, Billabong and O`Neill and in no time at all you`ll have everything you need for the perfect surfing look.

TECKTONIK culture, fashion, style and haircut

Fat Gold Chains and Cazal Shades – Old School Hip Hop Fashion Tribute

A journey back in time, straight into the 80’s. A nostalgic look back at old school rap music and fashion. Fat Gold Chains, Cazal Shades, 4-finger Rings, Kangol Hats, Filas, Pumas & Adidas (and also NIKEs).