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Yukka is your route to fashion from the streets

What is Yukka? Yukka sells the coolest of the cool when it comes to Young fashion, whether you’re into U.S. labels, cool European streetwear, the best of British or following the latest style clippings from the likes of Kanye West, Jay-Z or Rihanna then Yukka should be your first point of call!

Let’s get to the route of the story…

Yukka is your route to fashion from the streets

Way back in 2003, Yukka’s founder, Robby Sur (Online Fashion Top 100, 2010), spotted a demand for G-Unit T shirts, as worn by 50 Cent who had the world’s biggest selling album at the time. Having sourced a supplier and created Yukka! A seed was planted and Yukka started to grow.

From it’s humble beginnings Yukka has grown from selling a few hot t-shirts online, to becoming the UK’s leading independent retailer of the hottest and most exclusive product from the urban and streetwear fashion genres. Yukka now stocks in excess of 100 brands and 2500 of the hippest products!

Yukka is your route to fashion from the streets…

Robby Sur
Founder of Yukka

Clan Faces All Over Tee – yellow :: wuwear europe ::

A fine example of Wuwear tshirts and hip hop fashion styling by Wu-tang Group. Plenty more where they came from.

Clan Faces All Over Tee – yellow :: wuwear europe ::

Clan Faces All Over Tee – yellow - Wuwear

Wu Wear York T-Shirt – cardinal red ::

Wu Wear York T-Shirt - cardinal red ::


Sloth Clothing from Brighton Fresh

Brighton Fresh Design Solutions are very pleased to announce the launch of their street wear label ‘Sloth’. With the official launch set to storm London’s Margin Trade Show on the 1st and 2nd of August, the English brand can’t wait to show off its innovative and fresh designs on this all important platform.

Sloth was formed as a way of channelling creativity. Brand creator, Jonathan Mitchell, has been working as a fashion designer for a number of high profile companies for the past eight years, holding full-time positions for Puma and Bench as well as freelancing for Timberland, Next and Adidas, amongst others.

In 2009, Jonathan bought printing equipment and created his own brand Sloth, making t-shirts and hoodies for fun. The popularity of the garments grew locally and now in 2010 Sloth is ready for a wider audience.

Sloth collaborates with a number of talented artists and graphic designers. The first season’s official collection incorporates some amazing designs by renowned artist Starchild. Sloth can also call on input from a team of highly talented freelancers through Jonathan’s company Brighton Fresh.

Most of the garments continue to be designed and hand-printed from his studio in Brighton, or screen-printed locally. Sloth’s ability to produce small or large runs, its vast graphic library and intimate printing techniques allow for tailor-made packages. Sloth can offer exclusive graphics and colourways in limited editions, as well as cost effective larger production runs. Sloth relishes the opportunity to work closely with its clients to offer them the product that they require.

Jonathan hopes to build the brand up slowly and aspires to raise the brand out of the recession and eventually grow the brand to incorporate a wider range of products. Known for his technical and wearable style, Jonathan has valuable knowledge of the industry, having already seen his designs, under many guises and brands, selling millions of units around the world.

Sloth will be launched officially at the Margin Trade Show on 1st and 2nd August 1st this year.

Brighton Fresh and Sloth Clothing also offer professional t-shirt printing and freelance design services and are interested in helping local people create their own fashion lines too. Jonathan encourages interested individuals or businesses with a passion for creative design or looking to produce promotional clothing to get in touch, either through visiting the Brighton Fresh or Touching Sloth clothing websites or by contacting him directly at


Abuze London – Tshirts

2001, a war exists in London between graffiti crews and the British Transport Police. Portrayed as vandals and labelled as villains, artists reject conformity and confront the mainstream, making a mark on the surrounding city. Tubes & train lines act as the perfect canvas – reflecting progressive direction and movement of the cause. It’s a constant state of mind. High visibility expressionism and identity, reaching a wide audience. Abuze LDN is born. An extension of oneself.

A spirit that can’t be destroyed or cleaned away. With its roots firmly planted in sub culture and all manufacture taking place in London, Abuze LDN has evolved into a brand that today holds all of contemporary Britishness at its heart. Honouring individualism and self-expression in our designs and with inspirational collaborations from leading artists each season, our high impact & cutting edge cut & sew collections shout originality.

If you’ve seen it anywhere else, it started here

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ORIGIN68 T’shirt o’clock

 Hi, Origin68 ran the first shirt off the presses in May 2007 having been knocked around as an idea down the pub some years earlier. We yearned for a day when wearing a t-shirt allowed us to express a response to our environment, surroundings, society and hopefully make us look half decent whilst we did it. For us, wearing a t-shirt is more than just a fashion statement, it pretty much defines who we are. We don’t do gimmicks, we don’t ride trends, we don’t do big logo’s. We think people deserve more than that. Origin68 isn’t just about tshirts, it’ our philosophy. We are always on the look out for any kind of collaborations or what not, so if you think you may have an idea then drop us a line. Thanks for looking.


XOX By Origin68


October print T-shirts for cult movie buffs Nerdoh…

Nerdoh! Bring you a new range of movie t-shirts that are made to a superior premium quality, screenprinted to exacting standards, with unique subtle designs from cult films.

Do you know the Titty Twister Bar? Mos Eisley Cantina? Maybe the Nostromo rings a bell? From The Big Kahuna Burger and Jack Rabbit Slims Diner made famous in Pulp Fiction to the Oscar nominated film about the adult movie industry – Boogie Nights with Jack Horner Productions (Making history on video tape). Shop Smart. Shop S-Mart – Bruce Campbell’s employer’s in Army of Darkness to Camp Crystal Lake where Jason Vorhees lurks. Stark Industries of Iron Man fame to the InGen Corporation who built Jurassic Park, Nerdoh creeps into the fictional realms of movie corporations, places and subtle references only the avid fan will know.

We also have quite a few famous personalities who like our subtle movie t-shirt designs. Jonathan Ross remarked that they were ‘cool shirts’, Tom Savini (actor and special effects guru) owns one of our From Dusk Till Dawn designs, Steve Niles (writer and graphic novelist of 30 Days of Night) has one in his wardrobe and super sexy actress,  Emily Booth cavorts in a Hellraiser skinny from time to time.