FREE – promote your designs

Really it’s FREE!!
It sure is. If you consider your garment brand/ label to be worthy of public display then we will consider reviewing your wears. As long as it is hip hop, urban and streetwear orientated.

Why is it FREE?
The reality is that most budding or even established fashion brands struggle to get the exposure that they deserve. Competing is tough when in a crowded market, amongst brands that have better endorsments, bigger friends or are successful in music and can exploite it. This blog has found many brands that are great but do not have the facilities to show the world what they can do.

We love urban fashion, hip hop styling and streetwear glamour and we do have the resource to plug the good stuff. The downside is that we will only promote designs we like. This is subjective and no reflection on the designs we turn down.

How do I get my designs showcased?
Send an email to including:

1. An article about yourself or your business (no more than 250 words) and a title.
2. Two images (each no more than 470 pixels wide)
3. A link to a domain name/ website address of your choice.

In some case we may edit the title and article to make them more search engine friendly.

What won’t you showcase:
We will not post designs or content that promote racial or religious hatred, contain strong pornography and that do not meet the statutory laws of the United Kingdom. 

What’s in it for us?
You’ll probably see it soon, we use googles sponsored links. This will helps us keep this review site free so please click on something on your way out when it is launched.

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