Fat Gold Chains and Cazal Shades – Old School Hip Hop Fashion Tribute

A journey back in time, straight into the 80’s. A nostalgic look back at old school rap music and fashion. Fat Gold Chains, Cazal Shades, 4-finger Rings, Kangol Hats, Filas, Pumas & Adidas (and also NIKEs).

La Roux – 80’s with style

At last a worthy 80’s based music band with a worthy and updated fashion and image sense. La Roux, a refreshing alternative to the hashed up and mashed up graphic artists and fashionistas who have tried but are just too young to get it right. Well I was there and I loved it. La Roux have managed to present the theme brilliantly and present a modern version. A splodge of interior design from the 20’s, a spoonful of Mondrian  colouring, lots of right angles, with a touch of the Bauhaus design principle. Only a hint of the trademark shoulder pads evident, a wise decision.

Yelle – 80’s fashion revival

Yelle fashion took us full circle a year ago as seen in there fashion styling, bringing the 80’s look back updated. With stricking block colours, neon and contrast colour. October has been printing 80’s fashion revival ever since for many very cool up and coming designers. Luckily there are no shoulder pads in sight.