Chunk – Clever T shirt design – North London


Like all good ideas, the idea for Chunk came about one Friday night in the pub, back in the heady days of September 2000.


Quote: “A friend had just bought an old Ford Capri MkI and with it, came a Haynes manual. So proud was she of her new purchase, she took the manual to the pub where we all sat around admiring the cover until someone said “wouldn’t that look great on a T-shirt”. And that, as they say, was that. Chunk launched and was quickly noticed by the leading stores: Harvey Nichols, The Dispensary, Richmond Classics, and the name and the range grew quickly. We gave up our jobs, sold our houses and concentrated on making Chunk a great UK brand.

We moved into the first Chunk Towers (a 200sq ft room in Shoreditch with a glass roof and no heating) which we quickly outgrew, so we moved into the existing Chunk Towers, a 47 storey building with flags flying from the roof and marble lions by the door in that trendy area, Tottenham, North London. From the outset, our ethos was to produce excellent quality garments at a fair price. We wanted Chunk to use iconic images and adapt them to put them in different contexts, make them clever or funny or quirky.

We wanted the clothing to be detailed and well thought through. We wanted Chunk to bring clever design and a bit of fun to fashion.

Six years later and Chunk now produces two seasonal collections a year, two injection ranges and new T-shirt designs every 12 weeks”.
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Yamama – not from the high street


Everything about Yamama is unique and in Brighton. The materials, screens and appliqu├ęs all individually created. Yamama has always been about colour, individuality and experimentation. All inspired and realised on the tropical island of Bali. Predicting future seasonal trends, fabrics and colours, designing and printing new graphics and materials is an exciting challenge that continues to push the label forward.

Yamama 08

Yamama! Not from the high street; from the rebels, from the beatniks, the hippies, the mods, the discos. From the punks, the funk, the rockers…the post modernists. Not from the high street, with the wink of an eye.
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