Illustrator – Free Vector Maps and Country Outlines

This collection of free vector graphics features an extremely useful compilation of country and map outlines from across the web. A great addition to any designer’s toolbox!

A detailed world map complete with lines of latitude and longitude from Macdaddy:

vector world map

A vector dotted map with three different sizes to cater for different needs and purposes from Jay Han.

vector dotted map

European continent outline from Alberto Alvarez.

vector european map

Modern dotty map from Antoine Mallet.

dotted world map

And finally a thorough collection of various country and US state outlines from the Geobats dinbat font from Iconian Fonts.

world map font

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Handmade Shiroi Neko T-shirts – Current catalogue

All Shiroi Neko T-shirts are handmade.

Shiroi Neko Tshirt

“We use several techniques to achieve the unique Shiroi Neko look, including stonewash, enzyme & acid wash, burn out technique, foil, floss and custom coloring. Shiroi Neko T-shirts are screen printed on the front as well as the back and some models all around. Print motifs are influenced by retro tattoo, vintage Manga (Anime) as well as eastern and western culture esthetics and mexican “day-of-the-dead” art.”

Shiroi Neko Tshirt

Shiroi Neko Tshirt

Shiroi Neko Tshirt


Hi-Tech world map vector -Free download

Download free Hi-Tech world map vector here: Download file

Tech world map


Free Vector World Maps in Adobe Illustrator & PDF Format

Download fully editable, royalty free high detail and blank digital maps in vector format.


Download Illustrator version here: Vector World Map (Oval)
Download Editable PDF version here: Vector World Map (Oval)

Download Illustrator version here: Vector World Map (Rectangular)
Download Editable PDF Version here: Vector World Map (Rectangular)

Jobs in fashion, textiles and graphic design.

The designer forum can help to find or advertise jobs in the fashion, textile and graphic design industry.

Specialising in graduate recruitment and design positions (at all levels) the Designer Forum offers a simple and effective recruitment service for retailers, designers, brand labels and manufacturers, etc throughout the UK. Cost £150 + VAT. The advert reaches over 7,000 clothing and textile contacts and the advert will be placed on the Designer Forum website.

For more details please contact Alison Marshall on Tel: 0115 9115339 or email: or visit

Pleas click here to download the designer forum recruitment service information pack.

Yougraph – a t-shirt and screen printers dream

T-shirt printers and screen printers sometimes get twitchy and you may even hear a low pitched grumble at times when garment designers provide images that do not take into consideration the desired level of thought or print preparation when the creative juices are flowing. The ordinary business that may just want a cool image on T-shirts or polo shirts and may even require some cutomisation may not be aware of the colour separation problems or dot density issues when printing thin lines onto a course garment. So “Yougraph” has come to the rescue with very cool graphics all print ready for decorating garments.

What is the graphBOX of YOUGRAPH?


Each graphBOX contains 30 royalty free, vector images developed by the designers of YOUGRAPH especially for the fashion market. The graphs, logos, prints and illustrations in each graphBOX can be resized in any dimension without losing resolution. The images are downloadable files in the extensions (.cdr) of CorelDRAW and (.ai) of Adobe Illustrator.

Zen And Fuka – The new code in streetwear and t-shirt design

The Story
Samurai warriors follow strict codes known as the “The way of the warrior” or Bushido, and are bound to their lord and community by duty and honour. A Samurai Master counted on absolute loyalty from his vassals in order to implement military and economic statibility for his community and to prevent chaos. The loyalty of the Samurai to their lord was so strong that warriors would fight to their death in order to protect their master’s castle or commit seppuku (an honurable death rather than surrender to the enemy) should they have felt they disgraced their lord.

Upon the loss of their lord, a samurai becomes masterless and known as a drifting person or Ronin. The famous tale of the 47 ronin occured during the start of the 18th century, when a group of samurai became leaderless after their lord was forced to commit seppuku by another lord. The Ronin avenged their masters honour by secretly assassinating the opposing lord. Knowingly as a result these Ronin were forced to commit Seppuku themselves. This depicts the strength of the Samurai ways of sacrifice, loyalty, skills of combat (yocu) and honour until death.

Zen and Fuka embodies the extremes of great and evil in the samurai’s way of life and the celebrates the code of sacrifice, loyalty and honour to their lord.

The Brand
Each Zen & Fuka garment is designed using premium quality fabrics meticulously sourced and put together with the greatest attention to detail, perfect for the modern day Samurai of the streets. Zen & Fuka is the new code in streetwear.

Zen And Fuka – The New Code In Streetwear