The Whooga Ugg Boot winter footwear remedy

The ultimate in winter warmer for your feet and soul.  If you haven’t got a Whooga Ugg  Boot yet then you are missing out on the sure fire way to beat the winter blues and look good doing it fitted with streetwise fashion footwear. Although some are gifted with natural style and a wonderful eclectic fashion sense most have to work at it and not everyone knows how to look good in Uggs. So what style should you get? 

Classic Tall

Whooga style buy guide:

“Broadly speaking there are 3 classic styles which are popular every season and a number of limit run styles introduced most seasons. If properly cared for ugg boots will last many seasons and so unless you’re buying a second or third pair it is best to stick with a pair from the classic range. The classic range is also the most versatile of all styles and can be coordinated with many outfits. The limited run styles while often very appealing are usually difficult to coordinate with many outfits.

Classic short

Of the classic range you need to consider a couple of factors. First and foremost is fit, if your calves are on the larger side (15 inch and up) you will be more comfortable in a pair of classic short boots. Take a look at our ugg boots sizing guide for a little more on this. The second factor is body shape. The thick leathers used in ugg boots make for something which is cute but also clunky. Longer legs can get away with tall boots, shorter legs appear shorter. If you want to appear taller and more slender then classic short or mini are the best options. The final factor is the type of pants you intend to wear with your boots. For more tips visit  Whooga website to continue reading…

Classic Mini

Handmade Shiroi Neko T-shirts – Current catalogue

All Shiroi Neko T-shirts are handmade.

Shiroi Neko Tshirt

“We use several techniques to achieve the unique Shiroi Neko look, including stonewash, enzyme & acid wash, burn out technique, foil, floss and custom coloring. Shiroi Neko T-shirts are screen printed on the front as well as the back and some models all around. Print motifs are influenced by retro tattoo, vintage Manga (Anime) as well as eastern and western culture esthetics and mexican “day-of-the-dead” art.”

Shiroi Neko Tshirt

Shiroi Neko Tshirt

Shiroi Neko Tshirt


Akoo Clothing Website or the new Collection?

Which one is better, the Akoo Clothing website or the new collection?

Akoo Clothing Website Interface

Akoo Clothing Fall Collection

We have concluded that the clothing range gets plenty of press bigging up the shirts, tees, polo shirts, bottoms and jeans.

Akoo Clothing Wesite Interface

However, a few words of appreciation should be shown to the website design, the buffalo and the deer. Yes, it takes a minute or two to load and its a little disjointed when you start clicking on things but when it crawls to a flashy stop it feels good and somewhat satisfying.


Unltd. By Marc Ecko Pratique – Saxon Sneaker

The mark of the rhino. Two-tone leather casual sneaker with shiny rhino weld logo design. Lace-up front with Ecko Unltd. logos. Padded collar and tongue, cushioned insole, shock absorbing midsole and flexible traction outsole. Imported.

Buy it here:

Sloth Clothing from Brighton Fresh

Brighton Fresh Design Solutions are very pleased to announce the launch of their street wear label ‘Sloth’. With the official launch set to storm London’s Margin Trade Show on the 1st and 2nd of August, the English brand can’t wait to show off its innovative and fresh designs on this all important platform.

Sloth was formed as a way of channelling creativity. Brand creator, Jonathan Mitchell, has been working as a fashion designer for a number of high profile companies for the past eight years, holding full-time positions for Puma and Bench as well as freelancing for Timberland, Next and Adidas, amongst others.

In 2009, Jonathan bought printing equipment and created his own brand Sloth, making t-shirts and hoodies for fun. The popularity of the garments grew locally and now in 2010 Sloth is ready for a wider audience.

Sloth collaborates with a number of talented artists and graphic designers. The first season’s official collection incorporates some amazing designs by renowned artist Starchild. Sloth can also call on input from a team of highly talented freelancers through Jonathan’s company Brighton Fresh.

Most of the garments continue to be designed and hand-printed from his studio in Brighton, or screen-printed locally. Sloth’s ability to produce small or large runs, its vast graphic library and intimate printing techniques allow for tailor-made packages. Sloth can offer exclusive graphics and colourways in limited editions, as well as cost effective larger production runs. Sloth relishes the opportunity to work closely with its clients to offer them the product that they require.

Jonathan hopes to build the brand up slowly and aspires to raise the brand out of the recession and eventually grow the brand to incorporate a wider range of products. Known for his technical and wearable style, Jonathan has valuable knowledge of the industry, having already seen his designs, under many guises and brands, selling millions of units around the world.

Sloth will be launched officially at the Margin Trade Show on 1st and 2nd August 1st this year.

Brighton Fresh and Sloth Clothing also offer professional t-shirt printing and freelance design services and are interested in helping local people create their own fashion lines too. Jonathan encourages interested individuals or businesses with a passion for creative design or looking to produce promotional clothing to get in touch, either through visiting the Brighton Fresh or Touching Sloth clothing websites or by contacting him directly at


Vanilla Pink – T-shirt design, T shirt printing & Urban style

“Think Vanilla Pink, think contemporary style, and a fusion of funk and sole that transcends every boundary of urban chic clothing. Vanilla Pink represents an aspirational brand that embodies every facet of the word originality. Using a unique blend of design and colour, Vanilla Pink epitomizes an attitude and swagger that celebrates urban fashion with style and grace.”

Quote: Vanilla Pink


At the heart of Vanilla Pink’s ethos is the brand logo, the gingerbread man.

The gingerbread man uses a number of ensembles to create unique characters, each with its own flavour, giving Vanilla Pink the depth to capture your imagination and transcend our message of creative design and inner funk.

They call it ‘FunK Shui’…what do you?

green rope


Vanilla Pink’s journey began in 2006, its founders two influential figures on the UK Urban scene had a vision to create a movement they coined ‘Funk Shui’, a belief in the artistic freedom of expression and an interest group that motivates individuals to strive for success and enjoy the fruits of life.

purple shutter shade


As the phenomenon that is ‘Funk Shui’ gathers pace, a journey that began in London, now crosses territorial and cultural boundaries, we call on those before us to help spread the message of originality.

SHIROI NEKO – Handmade designer T-shirts

All Shiroi Neko T-shirts are handmade.
Several techniques are used to achieve the unique Shiroi Neko look, including stonewash, enzyme & acid wash, foil, floss and custom coloring.

Shiroi Neko T-shirts are screen printed on the front as well as the back and some models all around.

Print motifs are influenced by retro tattoo, vintage Manga (Anime) as well as eastern and western culture esthetics and mexican “day-of-the-dead” art.


tattoo streetwear

urban streetwear

SHIROI NEKO – Handmade designer T-shirts