L-R-G are back with more hoodies, t shirts,sweats and urban fashion

The L-R-G Neapolitan Camo Zip Up Hoody (urban fashion) is another classic made from 100% cotton, and features a hood with drawstrings, a multi-color camo pattern.



An LRG logo stitching on the chest, side pockets, an LRG logo label on the hood opening & hem, and a metal LRG logo label on the back. You cannot get cooler skatewear than this.

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Pink and Lilly – T-shirts, hoods and sweats

You’ve launched your range of T-shirts; you’ve added to the collection with a few hoods, sweats, and maybe some headwear; but how do you then begin to convince retailers you’re an established clothing brand? That’s going to mean jackets, denim, knitwear, some proper ladies wear and the rest.

Pink and Lilly

A top end pair of denim jeans out of China can still cost £15.00 with a 1000 piece minimum, so unless your surname is Branson or Gates you’re about to hit the glass ceiling that awaits all small to medium size brands.

Now what? Well there is a half way house, where you can get a nice cup of tea and a leg up to the next level. Pink and Lilly bespoke manufacture all manner of more structured tackle, that will help you convince the big knobs that you’re on your way to becoming a major player. Customization, re-labelling, brand new garment patterns – it’s all do-able.

Fill them in on your plan for world domination:



tshirt printing, screen printing, embroidery

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A T-shirt isn’t just for Christmas

Chateau Roux’s new shop

Christmas is upon us and it’s time for last minute shopping. Last year I was fortunate enough to receive some chocolate mints and a thermos flask, and the year before I became the happy owner of a male grooming kit. In an attempt to avoid the crimes of previous years, I would like to draw the attention of my London friends to the opening of Chateau Roux’s new shop at 17 Newburgh Street. Before you say it I realise that October screen print the T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoods etc, but it seems unreasonable of you to ask me to print my own present. So, you know what I want and you know where to get it – now get your smoky selves down Carnaby Street, hang a left, and don’t stop to buy any dodgy knitwear on the way…..that dealt with, everyone here at October would like to wish all of you a safe and warm festive session – to all the people we’ve printed and embroidered for it’s been a pleasure, and a big thanks for the work. Look forward to seeing you all again next year and remember, a T-shirt isn’t just for Christmas, it’s for life.

t shirt printing, screen printing, embroidery


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