Alberto has made graphic design exciting again.

His artwork combined with fashion photography is truly a refreshing new look at how clothing can be displayed in a very modern and exciting way.  Check out his website for more artwork. Links at the bottom.

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Pete Harrison : Fashion meets Photography and Graphic design

Here are just some examples of the beautiful artwork by Pete Harrison.  

A British designer living in London as a freelance designer and produces world class designs. He also has his own clothing label called Funkrush. Check his work. Links at the bottom.

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Best Fashion Photographer – Guy Bourdin

Guy Bourdin is arguably the best fashion photographer of his generation. He has set the standard for today’s fashion image styling and his flair for creating drama in stills is a testament to the power of the image capture.

His settings use the mastery of colour like a Matisse with the energy of a Punk Rocker. He forces the viewer to engage intimately with the subjects and teases the eye. Considering many of the photos are of fashion it is sometimes surprising how little of the garments are actually seen yet fashion is still the dominate subject.

Many of the photographic images that we see young fashions designers adopting owe a big-up to Guy. For those of you who do not know who I talking about here is a bio and an image slideshow. Enjoy.

Guy Bourdin (born December 2, 1928 in Paris, died March 29, 1991 of cancer in Paris) was one of the best known photographers of fashion and advertising of the second half of the 20th century.

He worked for Vogue magazine from 1955 onwards for roughly 30 years.

His work for Vogue, together with another Seventies famous fashion photographer, Helmut Newton defied the standards, ideas and theories about fashion photography in general.

Both used strong themes, including themes such as sex, death, violence, glamour and fear, to provoke a new way of looking at man in general.

During their working years for Vogue they were given unlimited artistic freedom.

Bourdin did advertising work for the Charles Jourdan shoe company. His quirky crime scene ads were greatly recognized and always muchly awaited by the media.

In the last years, Guy Bourdin has been hailed as one of the greatest fashion photographers of all time and his son, Samuel Bourdin, released a book with the finest prints of his father’s work, called “Exhibit A”.

He has been an influence on many artists, and continues to be so until this very day.

Madonna’s 2003 music video for Hollywood was greatly influenced by the photography of Bourdin, so much so that a lawsuit was brought on against her by Bourdin’s son for copyright infringement.

Amongst others, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Jean Baptiste Mondino, Nick Knight and David LaChapelle have admitted to be great admirers of his work.

A fantastical biographical documentary program was shown for the BBC in 1991 (Dreamgirls: The photographs of Guy Bourdin). So few fashion icons like Helmut Newton and Jean-Baptiste Mondino played a crucial role talking about the way that Bourdin managed his own way to do fashion photography. In this program the spectator also can grasp the complex universe around the pictures of Bourdin.

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Guy Bourdin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Urban fashion photography by Howard Huang – Streetwear

Fashion Photographer Howard Huang’s recent work.…fashion urban hip-hop vibe.


One of the best Urban fashion photographers we have seen. The UK has some of the best Urban fashion designers in the world. Over the passed 20 years October has seen and printed for young fashion designers in order to meet and exceed the challenge and growth of the urban streetwear and fashion market.

However, can we say the same about the imagery/ photography representing the great designs coming out? ……mmm….. You decide!

Have a look at the Howard Huang’s urban fashion photography as an example of the standard to rise to.

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Andy Espin – fashion Photography

Established in 2005, Andy Espin Photography is based in the Midlands and specialises in fashion and music photography throughout the UK (including London).



As a fashion photographer, Andy is fully involved in the creative process, and works directly with models, model agencies, designers and fashion magazines. Andy has a wide range of equipment and experience in studios, on location and at fashion shows. Studios are hired where necessary, and location shoots are undertaken using portable lighting and backgrounds where appropriate.


A model portfolio service is also offered. Each shoot is tailored to the style(s) the model requires in their portfolio, and typically includes high fashion, commercial, print/editorial and swimwear.

Sessions may be indoor or outdoor and can involve a number of set and clothes changes. Pictures are delivered on CD (including both full-size and smaller internet-ready images), and a selection of the model’s choice are made into high-quality A4 prints ready for inclusion in their book. Please enquire for current pricing and availability.



A wide range of entertainment and corporate events are also covered, from festivals to conferences. A fully digital workflow is employed and photos are normally supplied digitally on CD, although images can also be sent to media agencies directly by e-mail, FTP or web-upload for particularly tight deadlines.



Andy’s website is
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