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More T-shirts and Urban clothing / street wear. At the heart of Vanilla Pink’s embodiment of style and attitude is the gingerbread man, using various facades a number of unique characters were born.

Each ginger bread man is an expression of design, colour and flavour, giving Vanilla Pink the depth to capture your imagination and transcend our message of creative design and inner funk.

Vanilla Pink 'The Shutter Shade GB Man' T-Shirt (White)

Vanilla Pink ‘The Shutter Shade GB Man’ T-Shirt (White)

Vanilla Pink 'The Shutter Shade GB Man' T-Shirt (Turtle)

Vanilla Pink ‘The Shutter Shade GB Man’ T-Shirt (Turtle)

Vanilla Pink 'The Shutter Shade GB Man' T-Shirt (Purple)

Vanilla Pink ‘The Shutter Shade GB Man’ T-Shirt (Purple)

Vanilla Pink 'The Gold Rope GB Man' T-Shirt (Baby)

Vanilla Pink ‘The Gold Rope GB Man’ T-Shirt (Baby)

Vanilla Pink 'The Gold Rope GB Man' T-Shirt (Turtle)

Vanilla Pink ‘The Gold Rope GB Man’ T-Shirt (Turtle)

Vanilla Pink 'The Tilted GB Man' Exclusive T-Shirt (Black)

Vanilla Pink ‘The Tilted GB Man’ Exclusive T-Shirt (Black)

Vanilla Pink 'The Tilted GB Man' Exclusive T-Shirt (Canary)

Vanilla Pink ‘The Tilted GB Man’ Exclusive T-Shirt (Canary)

Vanilla Pink 'Got Wings' Exclusive T-Shirt (Black)

Vanilla Pink ‘Got Wings’ Exclusive T-Shirt (Black)

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Aerosoul – British t shirt and streetwear appeal

Aerosoul Limited

Founded in 1998 by graphic designer Leke Adesoye, Aerosoul had humble beginnings but always harboured grandiose ambitions. Central to Leke’s vision was to see his label become a premier British streetwear brand with world-wide appeal.Hence, some seven years later this goal has been achieved. Not only has Aerosoul gained a well-deserved reputation for its highly-quality merchandise. but also ground-breaking designs which reflects the rapidly evolving themes of British urban culture today.London-born Leke began his design venture in the early nineties when, greatly inspired by the burgeoning drum n’ bass and hip hop scene, he sought to capture that energy and innovation in his clothing.By skilfully fusing different elements of these disparate yet interwoven tribes, Aerosoul managed to reach out to several at once. His much-loved “Junglist Movement” T-shirts became the underground logo of a generation, but the brand was soon to establish a wider clientele. Whilst street culture remained Leke’s core inspiration, Aerosoul was soon being sported by indie rockers and sugary teen bands alike. The brands wide demographic was now firmly established and forever growing in diversity.One of the central plans of the Aerosoul philosophy has always been for the clothing to be marketed by the cultural icons of contemporary British street youth culture. Considering Aerosoul appeal, there was little problem in executing this desire.As the label’s notoriety expanded, so did the list of those underground a.list artists who featured as models. Aerosoul has always had a keen eye for up-and-coming talent. The fact that many who’ve modelled for the label have since blown up on the British urban music scene is demonstrative of Leke’s intuition.Included in these, too numerous to mention artists are: Estelle, Roots Manuva, Damage, Paradox, A.I , Karl hinds, Rodney P, TY, Omar and Normski.In 2004 sales in the brand reached their healthiest growth yet. , Meanwhile, innovation, quality and the desire to remain at the pulse of youth culture will continue to be Aerosoul’s over-riding motivation and drive.As the global streetwear market expands at an eye-popping rate, the future only holds endless and exciting possibilities for Aerosoul limited.


Since its creation Aerosoul has prized its inspirations from the streets. As such the designs incorporate the vast melting pot that composes British urban culture. Our designs reflect that lifestyle. An ever-evolving movement; inclusive, free-spirited and never predictable.

Aerosoul Limited1


Whilst the Junglist Movement T-shirt was for a period an Aerosoul mainstay diversification was, of course, a necessity. And so AS xtreme Sports was born. This division successfully tapped into the skater/snow boarder market. Meanwhile Leke responded to the cries for a feminine twist to streetwear and founded Soulero Sista ”feminine wear 4 urban livin”. Both strands have proved a popular addition to the ever-evolving brand’s portfolio.


Aerosoul is also proud to have had a 6 year sponsorship association with Acupuncture footwear, a uk ground-breaking brand whose designs have featured in all our promotions. Alongside this successful affiliation we are also sponsored by Kirk Originals who provide the essential eye wear to compliment the Aerosoul vibe.


Aerosoul Limited2


In 1999 the Junglist Movement T-shirt achieved global cult status when it featured prominently in the wardrobe of the cult British dance movie, Human Traffic.

Along with the ever-growing on-line store, the brand has been available at ,
TK Max, Top Shop, Blackmarket, HMV, ASOS, Dr jays as well as a range of specialist outlets from America, Germany, Japan to Amsterdam.

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De La Calle – Urban t-shirts from Puerto Rico

De La Calle

De La Calle was created to represent those individuals who started the game with two strikes right out of the gate but have managed nonetheless not only to survive but to thrive. This clothing brand is dedicated to all “veteranos” who have fallen six times but have gotten up seven.

For anyone considered at one time or another, the black sheep-of-this-or-that, or written off (prematurely I might add) as casualties of warfare/drugs & alcohol/broken hearts/what-have-you and yet, in spite of it all, have persevered to rise above it all, time and time again.

De La Calle is the one urban clothing brand geared primarily towards the world-wide Latino market that’s not focused on any particular nationality or ethnic group (Puerto Ricans, Anglos, Hip-Hop Nation, Mexicans, African-Americans, Colombians, Orientals, Skaters, Central & South Americans, Surfers, Dominicans, Cubans, Rockers, etc.). We just carry the name brand with the most relevance for our youth, it’s very easy to understand; it’s concise, to the point and offers tremendous crossover potential. Our brand transcends nationalities, political, social and musical movements for De La Calle is indeed the sum of them all.

De la

Our denizens also transcend barriers, fences, walls and frontiers since all of our lives we have been overcoming the obstacles that life and circumstance have been throwing our way. That is why, to be considered “de la calle” is to be considered not only a fighter but more importantly, a survivor. As a clothing company our main goals are to become the premier urban brand representative of our whole Latino family, to act as the common denominator as well as the bridge where the youth from all of our nations will be able to -at long last- unite as one, and to become the urban clothing brand synonymous with Nuestra Gente.

Andy Irizarry,
De La Calle Inc,
San Juan,
Puerto Rico
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> king-apparel – streetwear


Pushing the boundaries of credibility and distinction, KING has the streets on smash and continues to set the standards by which others follow.

Founded in 2003, its creators were brought together through a shared goal. To create a new apparel brand, a reflection of the creative freedom of their own lifestyle and culture. From the skate scene, the grime and hip-hop movements to the underground world of streetwear enthusiasts and the street art world, KING represents the eclectic mix of British youth and subculture.
The theme of KING is innovation, design, detailing and quality, reflected in its simplicity and subtlety. Garments for the streetwise, smart trendsetters – those who drive the bandwagon as opposed to jumping on it. It is more than a label, it is a representation of style, of distinction, the ethos through which we live our lives.
All outerwear garments and accessories produced are limited to exclusive runs of just 400 pieces with a strict ‘no re-runs and no repeats’ policy! KING was also the first worldwide brand to work exclusively alongside New Era Cap. The independently designed 5950 fitted caps have specialized and exclusive design modifications to the classic New Era that no one else produces, with direct cap hook up’s also available to match all outerwear pieces.
The elite and coveted King Affiliates team continues to grow in presence and stature. 2007 members include British music artists Sway (Best UK Hip Hop artist – BET Awards), Plan B and dubstep producer/DJ Plastician; emerging street artist Edge and the first additions to the brand new KING affiliates British skate team, Shaun Witherup and Daniel Clarke.

The brand is KING >>> Reign Supreme >>>
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