Illustrator – Free Vector Maps and Country Outlines

This collection of free vector graphics features an extremely useful compilation of country and map outlines from across the web. A great addition to any designer’s toolbox!

A detailed world map complete with lines of latitude and longitude from Macdaddy:

vector world map

A vector dotted map with three different sizes to cater for different needs and purposes from Jay Han.

vector dotted map

European continent outline from Alberto Alvarez.

vector european map

Modern dotty map from Antoine Mallet.

dotted world map

And finally a thorough collection of various country and US state outlines from the Geobats dinbat font from Iconian Fonts.

world map font

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Michelle Pink Dress

Celebrity Big Brother star Michelle Heaton has revealed she uses the revolutionary Sweatz Vest to help shift those extra stubborn pounds!

Michelle, who is currently sporting a fabulously slim, new look, says the Sweatz Vest is perfect for losing weight and making the most of your workouts.

Launched to help natural weight loss, the Sweatz Vest works by increasing your metabolism as you exercise by increasing your perspiration levels.

I have been using the Sweatz Vest for over six months it really helps me to make the most of my workouts, said Michelle. It works by making you sweat more doesn’t sound too good, but it uses up more calories! The water lost is replaced by drinking, but the calories used to create the sweat stay off.

Using the vest, coupled with a healthy diet, has helped me to lose two stone and keep it off which makes all the difference to the way I look and feel. I love the fact that even though it makes you think ‘urgh’ at first, it helps the body detoxify. The sweating removes chemicals stored in the fat cells, which makes my weight loss easier, added Michelle.

The patented, and 100% toxin free, biodegradable vest is simply worn beneath your usual training clothing to help generate dynamic weight loss. The vest works by causing the body to sweat more, which uses up more calories.

Effective for a range of sporting activities, and costing less than £10 for a pack of eight, the vest is thrown away after use and as it is manufactured from safe, toxin-free, 100% bio-degradable polythene, it will cause no harm to the environment, making it a win-win item for everyone.

The vest can be used for gym exercise, cycling and cardiovascular workouts, circuit training, spinning and aerobic classes, jogging, rowing, weight training, walking/rambling and body contact sports.

The vests can be purchased online at With a purchase price of £9.98 for eight, they come in both male and female styles and sizes.

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Urban Clothes – It could sound strange

It does not sound strange it sounds great. October’s Urban Clothing Review team have selected a sound for its site and the band is called Urban Clothes. What a compliment to what we believe to be a very cool site.

Hardstyle Shuffle, Hardjump or just Urban Fashion?

It is the question I know you have been asking for some time. Well for those of you involved in streetwear and urban fashion then you will already know the answer. For those of you who are either too old or just out of touch then you could be forgiven for not recognising the names. One thing is for sure,  you will have seen clips of it around. This video clip demonstrates beautifully the differences and reminds you that its not too late to go to the gym. However if you are under 25 then who needs it. Party on.

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Urban Fashion – South Pole Ladies Spring/Summer Collection 2009

A behind the scenes look at a photo shoot for urban fashion label South Pole Ladies Spring/Summer Collection 2009. Directed By Chris Belgrave Production Manager : Sebrina Pitt Post Production pro…

Fresh spring vibes with Naketano 2009!

Step into spring with your favorite piece by Naketano! This year is already in full swing – and so is our creative crew at Naketano. In the workshop in Essen they toyed and constructed with fabrics to the limit, resulting in the – familiarly colorful – Naketano Spring Collection 2009!

The designers at Naketano have once again put lots of energy and spirit into creating a whole new range of favorite garments, just for you! A row of perky designs awaits you, of course including the typical Naketano hoodie-style. Using the palette of colors, the label presents itself as we know it: vivid, fancy, and yet subtle! A rare combination which hardly any other brand can come up with. Starting from fresh turquoise, the palette plunges into dark purples and blue tones, surfacing in the functional Naketano grey.

Ladies, get ready for a refreshing springtime!

You can find more information at:

If you have further questions or need picture material, please contact:

Liam Gallagher’s new Pretty Green Range

Liam Gallagher’s new Pretty Green Range, yet to be released.

Some words from Terry Christian about the man behind the brand.

Pretty Green, taken from the title of a Jam song, is to be the name of Liam Gallagher’s new clothing range: classic styles as befitting a true star and reflecting the tastes of his audience. Liam says he is sick of the studenty skinny-jean look and wants to bring lads’ fashions back, and what true lad wouldn’t want to look like a rock star?

Gallagher was always going to be a star, from the first time I saw him, singing shyly at the Boardwalk club on a bill with Molly Halfhead and a band called the Cherries, to larging it up to full houses at Earls Court and Maine Road. If you were a 15-year-old kid sitting in your council house watching the telly, you’d want to be Liam Gallagher and to look like him; you wouldn’t necessarily want to look like Brandon Flowers or Russell Brand. The older I get and the more I hear the middlebrow brigade in their Hush Puppies sneering at Gallagher, the more I embrace the lad. To be annoying people still after all these years, he’s got to be doing something right.

Gallagher was always a bit of a style icon in his native Burnage. According to his old mate from school, Mark Bierne: “He was always smart, with good taste, a sort of Sixties-influenced mod look with a bit of Stone Roses thrown in. He used to love those Belstaff leather jackets, Converse boots — a classic, young-lads-around-Manchester look, really — but he carried it off well. It was the sort of look most of us were trying to perfect. He always looked good, even when he was broke.”

In the book Brothers from Childhood to Oasis, Gallagher’s older brother Paul told of how the 14-year-old Liam would help himself to his stuff while he was out at work. “Things would always go missing from my bedroom: adidas bags, T-shirts, the lot. It was my shirts that bugged me, especially my Ben Shermans. I’d complain and our Mam would just say: ‘Leave him alone, Paul. You’ve plenty of money for shirts.’ He always wanted to look perfect; he used to smother his hair in my gel, nicking my deodorant and aftershave too. He wouldn’t go out unless he looked perfect.”

Back then Gallagher was very much a young lad on the dole in a new band (Noel hadn’t joined Oasis yet and Liam, Bonehead, Guigsy and Tony McCarroll were still called Rain). He’s remembered for occasionally descending on offices in New Mount Street in Manchester, where small record labels, independent music pluggers and the Inspiral Carpets were all based. He would flog jeans and T-shirts out of a huge holdall: mainly Calvin Klein, Stone Island and that type of gear. There was a lot of it about at the time, allegedly thanks to a Burnage contact at Manchester Airport.

In many ways, you could say that selling clothes was Gallagher’s first real earner from the music business, but then that was what scallies did.

No doubt the glossies will sneer at a working-class kid who dares to call young student types sartorially challenged. Personally, I look forward to rummaging through his new collection, perhaps out of a holdall sported by some young scally in a bar in town.

Times March 20, 2009