Handmade Shiroi Neko T-shirts – Current catalogue

All Shiroi Neko T-shirts are handmade.

Shiroi Neko Tshirt

“We use several techniques to achieve the unique Shiroi Neko look, including stonewash, enzyme & acid wash, burn out technique, foil, floss and custom coloring. Shiroi Neko T-shirts are screen printed on the front as well as the back and some models all around. Print motifs are influenced by retro tattoo, vintage Manga (Anime) as well as eastern and western culture esthetics and mexican “day-of-the-dead” art.”

Shiroi Neko Tshirt

Shiroi Neko Tshirt

Shiroi Neko Tshirt



October print T-shirts for cult movie buffs Nerdoh…

Nerdoh! Bring you a new range of movie t-shirts that are made to a superior premium quality, screenprinted to exacting standards, with unique subtle designs from cult films.

Do you know the Titty Twister Bar? Mos Eisley Cantina? Maybe the Nostromo rings a bell? From The Big Kahuna Burger and Jack Rabbit Slims Diner made famous in Pulp Fiction to the Oscar nominated film about the adult movie industry – Boogie Nights with Jack Horner Productions (Making history on video tape). Shop Smart. Shop S-Mart – Bruce Campbell’s employer’s in Army of Darkness to Camp Crystal Lake where Jason Vorhees lurks. Stark Industries of Iron Man fame to the InGen Corporation who built Jurassic Park, Nerdoh creeps into the fictional realms of movie corporations, places and subtle references only the avid fan will know.

We also have quite a few famous personalities who like our subtle movie t-shirt designs. Jonathan Ross remarked that they were ‘cool shirts’, Tom Savini (actor and special effects guru) owns one of our From Dusk Till Dawn designs, Steve Niles (writer and graphic novelist of 30 Days of Night) has one in his wardrobe and super sexy actress,  Emily Booth cavorts in a Hellraiser skinny from time to time.


One of a kind test shirts – PrintLiberation

What a great idea…..

“These are one-of-a-kind tees. Before we print a run of shirts we test the design on a tee to make sure there aren’t any leaks, pin-holes and overall defects in the screen. After a while the designs overlap creating layers and layers of greatness.  Every single test tee varies a bit. Also, there may be finger smudges or other attributes that add character to these artifacts.”


Vanilla Pink – T-shirt design, T shirt printing & Urban style

“Think Vanilla Pink, think contemporary style, and a fusion of funk and sole that transcends every boundary of urban chic clothing. Vanilla Pink represents an aspirational brand that embodies every facet of the word originality. Using a unique blend of design and colour, Vanilla Pink epitomizes an attitude and swagger that celebrates urban fashion with style and grace.”

Quote: Vanilla Pink


At the heart of Vanilla Pink’s ethos is the brand logo, the gingerbread man.

The gingerbread man uses a number of ensembles to create unique characters, each with its own flavour, giving Vanilla Pink the depth to capture your imagination and transcend our message of creative design and inner funk.

They call it ‘FunK Shui’…what do you?

green rope


Vanilla Pink’s journey began in 2006, its founders two influential figures on the UK Urban scene had a vision to create a movement they coined ‘Funk Shui’, a belief in the artistic freedom of expression and an interest group that motivates individuals to strive for success and enjoy the fruits of life.

purple shutter shade


As the phenomenon that is ‘Funk Shui’ gathers pace, a journey that began in London, now crosses territorial and cultural boundaries, we call on those before us to help spread the message of originality.

Nomis Design – Snowboard and skate clothing paradise

A Canadian based clothing brand inspired by snowboarding and our tip is that Nomis will become a Snowboard and skate clothing paradise.

The company team is: Pro Snowboarder Simon Chamberlain, including snowboarders Mark Sollors, Risto Ruokola and Skateboarders Ronson Lambert and Morgan Smith.

They have produced some very unique, high quality designs with durability in mind not forgetting looking very cool doing it. Well done guys. We love what are doing.

The portfolio of designs include: T shirts (Tees), Fleeces, Jackets, Tops, Denim, Caps, Shorts and accessories. Includes a good range for Men and Women.

Check them out at www.nomisdesign.com


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T-shirt design for FIAT – wow

Design for FIAT: Limited edition Tshirt for FIAT during Sao Paulo fashion week

We found Mathieus Missiaens’ work by accident and his vision in fashion is refreshing, challenging, fun and impossible to convert to a commercially viable product, but who cares this is a man having fun with creative juices spilling over from his specialism which is shoes. We shall definitely see more of his work concept and shoe creations in further articles. Well done Mathieus.

If anyone has a view on his designs or even has some innovative new approach to t shirt design then email it to us and we will blog it.
You can see more of Mathieus Missiaens’ work at www.myspace.com/ndeurr“.

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What it feels like to be Borny

Hello. Welcome to www.borny.co.uk


“This is our new home. The door is always open. Come in, relax, get comfortable. There is no work to be done, because if you wanted to be working you wouldn’t be here in the first place, right?”

That’s what it feels like when you’re Borny. Those moments when your mind wanders. Those moments at your desk when you can’t wait for the day to end and the evening to begin. Those nights when you’re out and all you want to do is drag the person you’re with all the way home straight away. When you’re bored and you start flicking through that mental flick book of mischief in the back of your mind, thinking about making some more. When all you want to do is down tools and get dirty. That’s when you’re Borny.

Borny 2

Everyone gets Borny. Borny is knowing that a part of the weekend never dies. Borny is where work ends and play begins.

And so this site, our home, is for everyone. Because, to paraphrase a soft rock standard, Borny is more than a feeling. Borny is the name of the newest, coolest clothes in town. Tees, jeans and underwear for sexy, stylish men and women who know what it is to be Borny… maybe a little too often.

We do.

So, like we said, come in, relax, have a look around. There is a little shop full of our latest designs modeled by the faces of Borny, people so sexy it’s criminal. There are our party snaps, videos, music and loads more for you to explore.

Remember, we know how you feel.

Borny 3

tshirt printing, screen printing, embroidery

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