Garment Labeling – Take responsibility

When you enter a supermarket you can select a product and see the fats, salts carbs etc. and see the country of origin to get your food miles.. This information allows consumers to make informed choices.

Every action has a consequence, but with this information, neither businesses nor consumers have any excuses about responsibility.

But why is this not the same in retail clothing? This is a campaign for the freedom of information and ultimately complete transparency in the retail clothing sector.

We want our model – open candid information on every aspect of the clothing manufacture Product Life Cycle – to take a fresh approach to combat greenwash in a market saturated with unjustified marketing catchphrases.

The Prime Minister agrees and our petition is online as of today…

Signing this petition will be one tiny step towards forcing an entire industry to be open and honest about their products. One big change is just lots of little changes… Be part of it!

Living proof…..


As those who keep a close eye on the fashion press will already know, Soho based Chateau Roux have received a fair few column inches with reference to their individually shot gunned clothing. Understandably we have been asked by the curious amongst you, ‘Does that really happen, surely the clothing isn’t actually shot’. Well there was only one way to prove it – the Chateau boys put on their stencilled up camo jackets and let the film crew know where it all goes on – here’s the result – now do you believe it?
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Naketano – a very cool streetwear label

Lari olive

Naketano is the name of an idea, a certain conception of what it is that defines truly genuine street fashion design. On this particular subject, one will come across as many varying opinions as there are fashion designers and those who consider themselves designers.

In the eyes of Nicole Christensen, Naketano´s head designer, a fashion designer receives ultimate accolade when a piece of clothing becomes a favourite piece. When one buys and wears other garments solely to combine them with the one, the favourite piece. Whoever craves to wear one item constantly (if possible or hygienically bearable), on any occasion and in all possible and impossible combinations, awards that item´s designer to the max and, at the same time, defines the benchmark Naketano perpetually aims to reach.

Arno grey melange/yellow

The Naketano favourite piece concept

A favourite piece by Naketano is supposed to be pleasing to touch. That is why choosing the right fabric is a lengthy and tedious process at Naketano. Largely due to Nicole Christensen´s extraordinary feeling for elegant cuts, Naketano´s comfortable garments never appear ungraceful, but always distinctly female and light.

Naketano collections are always marked by vivid and bright colours. Nicole Christensen uses colours either restrictedly to accentuate or in large, contrasting patches. In her five years as mazine head designer, she really made a name for herself by using colours such as turquoise and pink in contrast with army style olive and brown or grey melange. Naketano has granted her lots of authority in the design department. She uses it excessively and never ceases to amaze with outrageous colour combinations and unusual cuts.

Armin pastel violet
For whom is Naketano made?

For young women, who find favourite items in the collection. Simple as that. Naketano customers are likely to be between 20 and 30 years of age and interested in all the things 20- to 30-year old women are interested in. Which is a lot. And their interests vary all the time. Naketano hopes to appeal to those who pay attention to quality and dare to haul out of the masses by choosing an out-of-the-ordinary outfit.

Naketano works in the conviction that in this day and age of hybrid trend leaders and extremely well informed consumers, elaborate target group definitions and positioning strategies get proven utterly and mindboggingly wrong more rapidly than a tailor-dressed marketing guru can say „sorry“. In the long run, the demand of an amorphous target group is impossible to specify in detail. The people at Naketano believe that their only chance of being successful in the long run is to full-heartedly embark on the recurring adventure that encompasses every new collection. With a focus on the ultimate Naketano paradigm: to create favourite pieces.

Paula light green

Spring / Summer Collection 2008

In line with Naketano tradition, warm and merry colours dominate the upcoming collections for the warm season. The use of patches deserves extra mention, since it works wonders to accentuate and add class to an otherwise primarily sporty, yet very fashionable jersey collection. It works particulary well in combination with the tender single jersey and light sweat-fleece tops. Modal which is an extremely soft and elegant fabirc made from a mix of cotton and viscose fibre, is also widely used in the collection. It is rather complicated to make and, hence, a bit more expensive than your ordinary ready-to-wear-fabric, but the unsurpassed comfort and superb processability more than justifies its price.

For spring and summer, Naketano longsleeves come in 2 different sweat fleece and 2 different single jersey qualities. Especially in the warm season, single jersey has an advantage over the usual jersey fleece due to its superior ventilation and its more feminine silhouette. The latter being something of a general paradigm for the work on a summer collection of favourite pieces, owing to the fact that warm temperatures allow a designer to create clothes that reveal rather than conceil, without sacrificing the wellness aspect of the favourite-piece-concept.

Pattern-wise Naketano continues to use lots of Kimono-cuts. Wide, comfortably patterned tops dominate the overall picture.

Herbert black

Naketano GmbH
Max-Keith-Str. 29
45136 Essen

Telefon: +49 201/361495-5
Telefax: +49 201/361495-9
Mobil: +49 163/6357927
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Drool Gear – t shirts, indi fashion and streetwear

Drool Gear is an exclusive indie fashion label from London selling bespoke and small-run garments from screen printed fabrics.

Drool Gear1

We make anything from casual streetwear with a twist to haute PUNKcouture garments, simple cute tops with nasty prints to hotpants with a labia. It all depends on our mood when we start splashing about fabric inks or abusing the overlocker machine. One thing is certain, all clothing runs are very small (if not one-off) and you won’t find any of that corporate sweatshop rubbish in our studio, so no wholesale orders please.

Drool Gear2

Genius is in the detail, Drool Gear is in textures and tailoring. We take inspiration from the romantic decay of the facades of old buildings. Elegant yet barely legible graffiti scribbles overlap the rusty construction signs, fade, get painted over, crossed out; walls are a living breathing constantly mutating organism, and Drool Gear textiles document that organism in the urban landscapes.

Drool Gear3

We “digitally shoplift” the graffiti from the walls, bridges, trains of Milan, London, Berlin, Tokyo… Using the snapshots of the tags we recreate that unique texture onto fabric. Multiple screens are employed with overprinting, random placement of designs and variant colour ways.

We print and overprint jersey fabric with textural designs. We cut the fabrics into ribbons, mix up contrasting or matching colours and sew them back together. Textiles, as well as the meaning of words in the print, undergo a dada-ist treatment… And that’s when we cut patterns for the actual garment.

For special orders and the readily available garments inquire through

We mostly work on commission basis so that the customer can get a truly unique piece designed and fitted specially for them. We try to use as much of recycled textiles as possible. We often build a garment around the customers’ old t-shirt with their favourite design. (Drool garments combine brand new t-shirts with recycled quality second-hand textiles.

Visit >> >> for more info.

Drool Gear4
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Aerosoul – British t shirt and streetwear appeal

Aerosoul Limited

Founded in 1998 by graphic designer Leke Adesoye, Aerosoul had humble beginnings but always harboured grandiose ambitions. Central to Leke’s vision was to see his label become a premier British streetwear brand with world-wide appeal.Hence, some seven years later this goal has been achieved. Not only has Aerosoul gained a well-deserved reputation for its highly-quality merchandise. but also ground-breaking designs which reflects the rapidly evolving themes of British urban culture today.London-born Leke began his design venture in the early nineties when, greatly inspired by the burgeoning drum n’ bass and hip hop scene, he sought to capture that energy and innovation in his clothing.By skilfully fusing different elements of these disparate yet interwoven tribes, Aerosoul managed to reach out to several at once. His much-loved “Junglist Movement” T-shirts became the underground logo of a generation, but the brand was soon to establish a wider clientele. Whilst street culture remained Leke’s core inspiration, Aerosoul was soon being sported by indie rockers and sugary teen bands alike. The brands wide demographic was now firmly established and forever growing in diversity.One of the central plans of the Aerosoul philosophy has always been for the clothing to be marketed by the cultural icons of contemporary British street youth culture. Considering Aerosoul appeal, there was little problem in executing this desire.As the label’s notoriety expanded, so did the list of those underground a.list artists who featured as models. Aerosoul has always had a keen eye for up-and-coming talent. The fact that many who’ve modelled for the label have since blown up on the British urban music scene is demonstrative of Leke’s intuition.Included in these, too numerous to mention artists are: Estelle, Roots Manuva, Damage, Paradox, A.I , Karl hinds, Rodney P, TY, Omar and Normski.In 2004 sales in the brand reached their healthiest growth yet. , Meanwhile, innovation, quality and the desire to remain at the pulse of youth culture will continue to be Aerosoul’s over-riding motivation and drive.As the global streetwear market expands at an eye-popping rate, the future only holds endless and exciting possibilities for Aerosoul limited.


Since its creation Aerosoul has prized its inspirations from the streets. As such the designs incorporate the vast melting pot that composes British urban culture. Our designs reflect that lifestyle. An ever-evolving movement; inclusive, free-spirited and never predictable.

Aerosoul Limited1


Whilst the Junglist Movement T-shirt was for a period an Aerosoul mainstay diversification was, of course, a necessity. And so AS xtreme Sports was born. This division successfully tapped into the skater/snow boarder market. Meanwhile Leke responded to the cries for a feminine twist to streetwear and founded Soulero Sista ”feminine wear 4 urban livin”. Both strands have proved a popular addition to the ever-evolving brand’s portfolio.


Aerosoul is also proud to have had a 6 year sponsorship association with Acupuncture footwear, a uk ground-breaking brand whose designs have featured in all our promotions. Alongside this successful affiliation we are also sponsored by Kirk Originals who provide the essential eye wear to compliment the Aerosoul vibe.


Aerosoul Limited2


In 1999 the Junglist Movement T-shirt achieved global cult status when it featured prominently in the wardrobe of the cult British dance movie, Human Traffic.

Along with the ever-growing on-line store, the brand has been available at ,
TK Max, Top Shop, Blackmarket, HMV, ASOS, Dr jays as well as a range of specialist outlets from America, Germany, Japan to Amsterdam.

Visit >> >> for more info…

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Ltd. Ed. Oakley T-shirts

It’s been a while since anyone here at October pulled a kinky freestyle 360 – I slipped over in the gents last week and ripped some phat air with a toe grab, but that doesn’t really count, and let’s face it the nearest I get to a half pipe these days is the one I smoke. So what do you do when you’re a grey on a tray and too old to bone it over a tree – well you just print the T-s, it’s the nearest you’re going to get.

So we were really stoked when Oakley got in touch and asked us to print some limited edition shirts for their Jib-Vid event – looks like teams of 3 go out and film each other busting some rad grooves, and may the best film win – have a good look at – there’s a 6000 euro purse for the winner and x-box are supporting the sickest trick.

Speaking of sick, I think I just used too many boarding cliches………..

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Confrontational Welsh street fashion label The Red Dragonhood has launched two rugby-related designs as a protest against the use of the ‘Prince of Wales Feathers’ on the shirts of the victorious Wales rugby team. The design features either ‘Wales’ or ‘Cymru’ with the claws of a dragon appearing to tear through the shirt from the wearer’s heart, ripping the feathers symbol.


Although many people assume the emblem is a national symbol of Wales, it is in fact the brand of the English monarch’s eldest son (rather like Duchy Originals) since adopted by the Black Prince in the 14th Century. Prince Charles recently claimed the Three Feathers as his own private property announcing that Welsh people need to have his permission to use the emblem.


Offered for sale on The Red Dragonhood’s website <> , the first batch of ‘Claws T shirts’ proved that feelings run high in Wales by selling out in a matter of hours.
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