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I guess you are wondering what does a 3D animator have to do with fashion and clothing design. While in conversation with a friend from Offplan3D (a 3D animation company) the conversation turned to 3D design, websites and fashion.

Just thinking outside the box. Infact, thinking virtually outside the box.

Why shouldn’t the 3 elements meet. The clothing industry has developed a traditional method of displaying garments e.g. catwalks and magazine promos but it has been very unimaginative since. We are looking at fashion display standards from the turn of the century, the last century.


How would the emerging fashion designers of today’s hip urban garment styling and custodians of the modern street thread fair if they went virtual now and again. Designing garments that can be viewed on a virtual catwalk in Brazil, Milan and Paris without leaving the studio or even on Mars, Jupiter, virtual café or carnival. Dress to impress on a virtual street in downtown Tokyo or riding the tube on Hawaiian surf wearing the latest surfing brand before even making a sample.

Is it a good business decision? Well there are some downsides e.g. you cannot feel the texture or try on the garment. However if you are selling garments online already what difference does it make as long as the end product looks and acts like the one displayed. If you are looking to sell to distributors or retail outlets then wouldn’t you want to show your product range in the most existing way and get feedback before going to the expense of producing samples or production minimums. In short get the order before making the product.

Designers of today are passionate about there garments and brands however not many can actually display on location or create the mood other than in the imagination, in conversation or using expensive photography. 3D animation of today is advanced and accessible enough to do it justice and able to represent the designer’s vision to the desired audience in a modern creative context. This is not a new idea, just one that has been waiting for its time. The time has come and the technology is finally available.


Check out the Offplan3D website for a flavour of what they have done for Architecture, product design and for broadcast. Fashion has even more potential. Now do you get it. Well its just a thought. What do you think?

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